Man Injured in Escalator Accident at AMC Theater

A man traveling down an escalator at the AMC Theaters at 2310 Broadway (84th Street) on Wednesday night got his leg stuck in the machinery and sustained serious injuries, according to news reports.

CBS reported that the man was 74 years old and using a walker.

“The escalator bounced and then it caught onto his foot. It was like it malfunctioned and then it caught onto his leg,” a woman told CBS. “I saw him standing there hollering in agony. He wanted help and there was nothing they could do.”

The FDNY had to dismantle the escalator to get him out.

AMC did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the accident.

Last year In 2015, a massive light fixture crashed to the ground at that theater.

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    1. hwrf23 says:

      Why was someone using a walker on the escalator instead of the elevator? Sad as it may be, it seems that the responsibility is not the theater’s in this incidence. I know that it is “fashionable” to blame the Big Bad Corporation, but a man with a walker should not be on an escalator. What happened to common sense?

      • Old NYC Gal says:

        I agree completely. I use a walker and NEVER use an escalator.
        Hate to blame the victim but it does appear to be his fault.

        • Jose Habib says:

          Why would having a walker cause the escalator to catch onto his foot?

          • Zulu says:

            The walker could have snagged the comb plate and pried it up enough that it caught his foot. With the continuous forward motion of the treads he probably couldn’t break loose.

            Escalator accidents can be really bad. For the most part nothing ever happens, but when it does it’s pretty terrible.

            A few years back, an elderly woman was strangled to death by an escalator in Long Island when her scarf got caught in the treads. A man witnessing the horror tried desperately to cut her loose from her scarf with his pocket knife but couldn’t.

            I’m hoping this man makes a full recovery.

    2. wombatNYC says:

      A comfortable movie house with nice seats. However,a bit grimy and worn since their last facelift. . Could use a bit of a makeover and it would seem some mechanical overhaul of equipment

      • Woody says:

        Is your level of expertise with the mechanics of escalators enough to make that determination? What do you base it on?

    3. KateBB says:

      Oh, how awful. That poor man.

    4. Yael says:

      Omg, horrifying!! I do hope this man survives and does not lose his foot. AMC, I doubt I’ll be visiting you anytime soon!

      • Woody says:

        You’re going to boycott this theater because of this questionable incident? Weak sauce and overly dramatic.

    5. Joan says:

      I hope this poor man makes a full recovery

    6. ihf says:

      Light fixture incident appears to be from 3 years ago, not last year.

    7. Paul on West 67th says:

      Just how does an escalator ‘bounce’ anyway?

    8. Sarah says:

      I hope he makes a speedy recovery (and stops taking a walker on escalators when there’s an alternative…).

    9. UWS Craig says:

      These are the movies playing at that theater:
      Maze Runner: The Death Cure, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Den of Thieves, Paddington 2, The Commuter, Insidious: The Last Key, Proud Mary and Coco.
      The question I have is which of those movies did a 74 year old want to see?

      • lynn says:

        I can’t imagine why you’d pose a question like this. Why wouldn’t a 74 year old want to see those films?

      • Sean says:

        Coco is a great movie and the star of Proud Mary is hot. Maybe he isn’t an old fart

        • Cat says:

          I thought the idea of Paddington was silly but the cast is amazing, plus he might love action and/or horror movies, or comedies like Jumanji. You don’t automatically start watching old B&W silent films just because you hit 70+, lol.

      • Stanley Cohen says:

        He was there with his family so it could be any picture.