crash 73

A 23-year-old man was crossing the street at 73rd street and Broadway around 3:15 a.m. when he was struck by a cab driver. The man was taken to Cornell Hospital in critical condition, according to NYPD.

The cab driver remained at the scene, and parts of Broadway were closed as police investigated.

Details were still scarce as of 9 a.m. Saturday morning. Police did not have information on whether the man was crossing with the light, the direction of the cab and whether the pedestrian was crossing 73rd street or Broadway. The NYPD’s Collision Investigation Squad was investigating, which only occurs in the most serious of crashes.

David Torres took the pictures above and below of the scene.

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    1. Margaret says:

      From the photos it looks like the cab was driving south on Broadway and hit a guy who was crossing at 73rd.

      We can pretty much count the hours till someone claims, without sourcing, that the pedestrian was crossing against the light.

      And natural next questions, wait, is there video? And if the driver couldn’t slow down to critically injuring a pedestrian: what was the driver’s speed? Did he run a red light? What’s his driving record? On his cell phone while he was driving?

      Poor guy. Hoping for the best for him. Thank you to CIS for fully investigating. Such important work.

    2. dannyboy says:

      David Torres, again thank you for great photography. I love photojournalism (my wife considered that at the Boston Globe, but New York, being NY and all).

      • David says:

        you can also follow me on twitter @nycbikerider — my photo are also seen on wpix and NBC new York web page tnx again

    3. David Stone says:

      Every time you see a cab fail to yield to a person in an intersection you MUST note the time, date, exact location and tag number and immediately report it on the NYC taxi and limousine web site. The city DOES prosecute the cases and you can testify by phone. It takes a couple of months, but it’s the only way we can try to stop this..

      • Upper West Side Wally says:

        Does that also apply to MTA buses? I’m asking because they quite frequently cut off crossing pedestrians at … 97th and WEA.

        • dannyboy says:

          The driver tries to beat the delayed light on that corner. Defeats the entire idea.

        • the_the says:

          As you might know the bus driver union is hard at work trying to exempt bus drivers from any criminal liability if they hit a pedestrian when they fail to yield.

      • Woody says:

        That’s a pretty jerky suggestion given that the majority of pedestrians not yielded to are jaywalkers. Before you start a crusade against taxis, make sure you and your pedestrian friends abide by the same Vehicular and Pedestrian Laws.

    4. Betsy says:

      I’m not going to be popular for saying this, but I witness many pedestrians in the West 60s and 70’s who totally ignore red lights and even run in front of cars, seemingly daring the driver to move an inch. This happens rain or shine, no matter what time of day. A proportion of them are tourists and may think that they’re in Disney World’s version of New York.

      I do not drive a car and have never done so.

    5. Stuart says:

      I have seen many cabs go through red lights (I am not referring to a yellow light that changes to red as the vehicle goes past the stop line – I mean it’s been red already for a few seconds), cabs turning righ on red, etc.
      I have not seen these cabs pulled over bu the police for these infractions.