A new doughnut shop, Brooklyn-style pizzeria, dog groomer, and two spas are opening on the Upper West Side.

Dunkin Donuts is opening in the former home of City Pie on 72nd street near Broadway. Thanks to Nadine for the ti and anonymous for the photo.

Pizzeria Sirenetta, a pizza restaurant run by the owners of Mermaid Inn, is getting ready to open at 568 Amsterdam Avenue (87th-88th), next to the new Mermaid Inn. It’s expected to open around Feb 1, and the owners want it to “bring a Brooklyn sensibility to Manhattan.” Grubstreet got the scoop (or the slice?): “On the menu: housemade salumi, bruschette, seasonal salads, fresh and dried pastas, and three heartier entrées that hover around $25. The Neapolitan-style pies are clad with ingredients like buffalo mozzarella, fennel sausage, or clams and parsley, and baked in a 4,000-pound Mugnaini wood-fired oven, for which Abrams had to reinforce the floor and build a retaining wall. Sirenetta, by the way, means little mermaid.”


Shine Electronic is opening at 66 West 84th street. The store will help fix any hardware or software issues you may be having with your electronic gear. Thanks to Jack Davis for the photo.

perfect polish

Perfect Polish, a nail salon and spa, is replacing Cava Wine Bar at 185 West 80th street.

bark avenue

New dog grooming and day care service Bark Avenue opened at 167 West 83rd street. Thanks to Meredith Kurz for the photo.

A spa is also opening in the former home of boutique clothing store Off Broadway on 72nd street, according to the owner of Zen Medica down the block.

We also hear multiple Pret a Manger sandwich and salad shops may be opening in the neighborhood. If you hear anything about them, let us know!

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    1. Maria S. says:

      The UWS needs a PRET!!!!!!! Fingers crossed 🙂

    2. Joseph Amiel says:

      Will Mermaid Inn’s new pizzeria also not be offering desserts?

    3. Filatura says:

      I love the “About Us” page on Shine Electronic’s Web site (very neighborhood-oriented) and look forward to consulting them about cleaning up the multi-layered mess my computer system has become over the years.

      Sirenetta sounds yummy, too. The Mermaid Inn people are doing something right.

      But yet another Dunkin’ and yet another nail salon and yet another dog groomer? Ah, well, if the demand is there, may they prosper.

      • Elizabeth M. says:

        Yes Filatura, we do need another dog grooming place. There are many dogs in the neighborhood and not a lot of groomers. At least not so many that are smaller & professional. Some of these places, like a Cut Above, are like factories and hire inexperienced groomers that can cause injuries or burns caused by using the clippers improperly. Hopefully this place will be good.

        • Filatura says:

          As I said, if the need is there, I hope they prosper. And I hope find the right facility for you and your dog(s).

        • chas says:

          We have had nothing but very positive experiences at A Cut Above and would not hesitate in the least to recommend them to any dog-owner. We have been using their services for over eight years.
          Have you had bad experiences there? I am surprised.

          • Ken Hittel says:

            Second this. Have been taking three cats and two dogs to A Cut Above over the last 15 or so years and have never had to complain about a thing.

          • Laura says:

            I have actually had a very bad experience there. My regular groomer went MIA and decided to give “A cut above” a shot since its local. My dog got very bad burns on his private area from a hot clipper my vet said. After an expensive vet bill and and E collar I would not recommend this place. A friend of mine was not pleased there either. People, research your groomers well!

      • Nat says:

        Dogs dining out with their owners will want to be well-groomed.

        Maybe someone should open a combination nail salon and dog grooming place.

    4. Sean says:

      At last we get a DD between 96th St. and Columbus Circle.

      • Jay says:

        There are four dunkin donuts already between 96th St and Columbus…

      • lmn says:

        there is one on 86th and Amsterdam if you are in dire need!

      • whatsupduck says:

        There used to be two in the high 60s/70th, if memory serves: 70th and West End (when the A&P, Il Duomo, etc. were there, before the new building) and I **think** (not sure) by the Woolworth’s on Amsterdam by the Burger King.

    5. RF says:

      Ugh, we lost Cava for a NAIL SALON? That’s a bummer. There are a million nail salons (and places to buy nail polish) on the UWS…was really hoping it’d be another wine bar or cocktail-type place. Now both of my go-to date spots (Cava and Slightly Oliver) are gone. Here’s hoping Tangled Vine can stay in business.

    6. Chuck D says:

      Sirenetta better be good. There is NO good pizza above 86th (sorry Sal & Carmines, you lost it years ago…).

      • Nathan says:

        I look forward to trying it. Just FYI, Celeste has some pretty excellent pizza, though it’s below 86th.

      • Kev says:

        What about Mama’s on Amsterdam and 106?

        • Mark says:

          Well to do people don’t eat street slices, I liked Mama’s when it was on Bway and 104th. Still good but not the magic it used to be. The building on the corner is the last of the other three to be renovated, they just started recently. Used to be a HUGE drug corner with red tops, now it’s just another Columbia dorm extension. The woman who owns those buildings is a very fair and smart businesswoman. She owns the furniture store right off of the corner I believe.

        • coucha says:

          How about the V&T on Amsterdam & 111th?

        • Sheila says:

          Mamas is best pizza above 96th street!

        • Chuck D says:

          Face it, all of the pizza on the UWS is bland cardboard. Probably all the ingredients come from the same cheap supplier. Its all the same, just different ovens.

          I’d love to do a blind taste test. I bet Sapporo would win.

          In all seriousness, there’ nothing unique about NYC pizza anymore. Might as well get 2 for $5 from Dominos.

      • grandmasterbeta says:

        there are bunch of places if you looked. machina on 106 is good. there’s buca on 103rd. There’s another on 89 and amsterdam. Then there’s Two Boots on 96, which I love. And sorry to disagree but sal and carmine’s is still great. Hey, I even had a good slice at Coronet a few weeks ago. It was the perfect night snack.

        But I wish the new place luck. I can’t eat enough pizza.

      • barbara k says:

        What about Numero 28 on Amsterdam and 92nd? Fabulous pizza. And pastas and desserts too.

    7. Mary Ann Kromer says:

      Closing-Mangano boutique on Broadway between 68&69.

      • m.pipik says:

        That may have been the fastest open-close in recent memory. Not surprised as it didn’t seem to have anything local folks would want.

    8. Lurker says:

      Any updates on the Planet Fitness that was supposedly opening on Broadway and 97th(?). Walked by there the other day and it doesn’t look like any renovations are happening…

    9. Mina says:

      What we need much more than chain food and pre-made sandwiches is a place like 100 Acres or even Westville (ok it’s a mini-chain, but a great veggie menu). And: a good deli (Barney’s way too pricey), a good all-around bread and sweets bakery (all the French places are lovely, but need good basic bread and a properly made cheesecake). Anyone else have ideas?

      • Jeremy says:

        Between Silver Moon and Zabars, nobody on the UWS is *that* far from decent bread.

      • cs says:

        Georgia & Aliou’s Tiny Treats Bakery and Cafe on Amsterdam and 90th Street. terrific chocolate cake, lemon squares, baguette and other items 🙂

      • RF says:

        Westville would be great! Or Dig Inn. There is a Dig Inn near Columbia, but they don’t deliver below 96th St.

    10. Lynn says:

      OMG! Pret a Manger on the UWS. Their food is wonderful, and very reasonable. Now if they would only sell the smoked salmon sandwiches that they have in London, but don’t make for the U.S., life would be (almost) perfect.

    11. Gretchen says:

      Yay, Dunkin’!! Welcome back to the W. 70’s! I’ve had enough of all those pseudo-posh overpriced French bakeries. $5 for a curated muffin? Keep it, give me a plain ol’ yummy donut for a buck and I’m set!

    12. Jamie says:

      Daniel at Shine Electronics is a prince who has given extraordinary service over a decade(he was previously on West 81st)

    13. Christina says:

      What in the hell is brooklyn style pizza???!!! New York pizza is New York pizza! Trying to capitalize on a borough pizza is ridiculous!!!! I could see if it was chicago style but not brooklyn! Leave the cannoli and take the gun! Ha!

    14. M says:

      Anyone know what is moving into the old Bang & Olufsen spot on Columbus between 75th and 76th. There are Equinox posters in the window?

    15. locora says:

      Some of these places, like a Cut Above, are like factories and hire inexperienced groomers that can cause injuries or burns caused by using the clippers improperly. Where is this information?

    16. Bill says:

      Shine electronics has been around for years; I didn’t know they were moving to a new location. Their old place was just off Broadway in a basement store, near the former Essentials. It didn’t look like much, but they were really good and trustworthy–fixed several computers of mine over the years. I wish them well in the new digs.

    17. Anita says:

      I had a really bad experience at A Cut Above. My dog was bit by another dog in the grooming room. Luckily, I saw it happened and rushed in to rescue my pet. They tried to play it off like it was no big deal but I took him straight to the vet- a chunk of his cheek was bitten into which required shots and meds. The owner finally paid for my vet bill and vowed to keep the other dog in a crate until it was time for her grooming, but I’m never going back.

    18. Yoeli says:

      its amazing how every new store needs a hearing to open and then once they do, u get the same noise & traffic anyways. if rents werent so high youd get some decent middle class business. instead, the high priced shops are leaving. are we getting practical, affordable stores? no. more useless chains