trash fire

A fire tore through a garbage pile on 93rd 92nd street between Broadway and West End Avenue on Wednesday night, torching nearby cars and leaving some pretty nasty remains. Garbage pickup was delayed because of the storm.

Photo by Ernie Fritz.

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    1. HJSZ says:

      That looks like 92nd

    2. Nathan says:

      I know pickup has been delayed, but it’s getting a bit ridiculous. The trash has been piling up for a week and the snow was cleared long ago. What are they waiting for?

      • Sean says:


      • Sprinkles says:

        Alternate side parking being suspended all week (an awful idea) might have something to do with it. But yeah, it’s getting a bit stupid.

      • Wouter Wessel says:

        Hundreds upon hundreds of garbage truck needed to be converted from snow plows to garbage trucks. Considering that more snow was expected not many trucks were available. The remaining ones picked up 24 hours a day. Meanwhile, residents are piling Christmas trees (1/25/16???) on the trash bags. That’s asking for trouble.