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Stephen Harmon sent in the photo above of Broadway between 73rd and 74th street after a blizzard hit the city in 1983. “I can’t remember whether this was February or April,” Steve writes. The Beacon Theater is visible in the background. The snow mounds look pretty similar to the ones from this week.

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    1. AC says:

      Nice Pic! Notice that Beacon Wines had yet to exist on the NE corner of 74th/B’way

    2. whatsupduck says:

      That blizzard was definitely February. My mother–who was living on CPW at the time–had her wedding cancelled.

    3. wcsnyc says:

      When that Beacon Wines corner was first remodeled, it was turned into a “gourmet” market … I forget the name. I shopped there occasionally and as I recall, the quality was only average and it did not last long.

    4. 9d8b7988045e4953a882 says:

      I would take a time machine back to 1983.

    5. Christine says:

      I remember that snowstorm. It was Valentine’s Day weekend! I had to spend it alone because my valentine couldn’t make it into the city.

    6. Rebecca210 says:

      It was Valentine’s weekend, which was then extended to Valentine’s week so the holiday could still be celebrated (especially by the commercial community!). I remember it well because I had moved here from Minneapolis only months before, and had a ticket to see the Minnesota Orchestra at Carnegie Hall, only it was canceled. There’s some irony in there…