apple bank attempted robbery

The man pictured above is wanted for an attempted bank robbery at the Apple Bank on 73rd street and Broadway, according to the Post. “He handed a teller a demand note in the Apple branch on Broadway near West 73rd Street Monday at 12:30 p.m., cops said. The teller, behind a bulletproof window, simply stepped away from her station, and the worker hustled out of the branch and north on Broadway.”

A man held up a couple in an apartment building on 93rd street, the Post reported. “He followed the man and the woman, both 31, into the building on West 93rd Street and pulled a gun, police sources said. The victims turned over two phones and $80, said authorities.”

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    1. j says:

      “and the worker hustled out of the branch” is that supposed to say the attempted robber hustled out of the branch?

    2. dr phil says:

      Hey, whatcha thinkin? Bank robbin’ is a job, just like any other job. They say, “Getta job.” Then, when you do, they say: “That ain’t workin!”

    3. Sean says:

      He’s too young to bank at Apple Bank. That’s a clue right there.

    4. Scott Kalish says:

      Where on 93rd at was the robbery?

    5. kitcat says:

      DeBlasio’s New York – Obama’s America

      Crime is up – getting just as bad as the late 70’s early 80’s

    6. Linda says:

      Easy fix and what banks all over the country do: post sign on front door stating that “hats and sunglasses must be removed before entering for the safety of our clients and employees”. Then refuse entrance or service to those who do not comply.

    7. Bonnie Rice says:

      Perhaps a security business would be good for the neighborhood?