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A new seafood spot is coming, and there’s lots more news below about recent Upper West Side openings and closings.

Brother Jimmy’s has closed for good, after saying they would reopen after renovating. The bar/restaurant on Amsterdam between 80th and 81st will be replaced by a new restaurant called Crave FishBar. Joe Bolanos, who went to a hearing for Crave’s liquor license, said the new restaurant sounds exciting: “It will be, according to the owner, an actual seafood restaurant with a better venue than the previous tenants.” Here’s the menu for Crave’s midtown location. A Times review says the restaurant has excellent service and “the feel of an upscale canteen…Here is raw fluke, blushing from a squeeze of blood orange; there, the messy thrill of nori powder and fragmented oyster crackers dusting loose mounds of chopped raw diver scallop and sriracha-spiked mayonnaise.” Thanks to Jackie for the tip.

Purdy Girl is opening on Amsterdam between 82nd and 83rd street in the former home of Global Table. Purdy Girl closed its location on Columbus between 81st and 82nd earlier this year.

le pain quotidien2Le Pain Quotidien has opened another cafe in Central Park, this one on the east side of the Park around 74th Street near the Conservatory Water pond. “Starting Monday, July 6, Le Pain Quotidien at Conservatory Water will open daily at 7:00 a.m. and remains open until sunset. The large kiosk offers a wide variety of food and beverages including sandwiches, soups, salads, parfaits, baked goods, cappuccinos, espressos, beer, wine and cocktails. They also operate the Snack Shack, a smaller kiosk, open from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., offering organic ice cream, savory snacks, cookies, brownies, coffees, teas and juices.”

Bob’s Framing on 103rd street and Broadway is closing at the end of the month because “business has been slow,” said Rodrigo, a framer there. He says they’ll be moving to 30 East 60th street, suite 907, and have a new name — Big Apple Art Gallery. Thanks to Lisa for the tip.

Macchina, the mystery restaurant on 106th and Broadway, is about to open, and has prettified its entrance. Last we heard it’s going to be an Italian restaurant. “Booths & tables are set and the bar is lovely,” wrote Bryant Palmer, who took the picture below. (Also, Sasha Pezenik, our resident Italian scholar, tells us the name means car, not machine as we originally thought.)


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    1. James says:

      Crave Fishbar originated in Midtown East right near my office. It is a great spot – very excited for this to open in our neighborhood.

    2. Ruby says:

      Anyone know what’s opening next to Harry’s (Kids) Shoes on Broadway? Whatever it is it looks like it’s going to open any day now.

      • Wendy says:

        Basics Plus is re-opening. They expanded into the old wine shop and closed for about 3 months to complete that expansion.

        • Howard Freeman says:

          Can’t wait for this. We love Basics. We were so bummed about the wine/liquor store closing, too, because of Weill Cornell Medical adding another elevator.


          Take the stairs, people.

    3. Casey says:

      I had heard that Brother Jimmy’s was relocating around the corner to Columbus and 81st/82nd area. Is that still happening or are they closed for good in the UWS?

    4. UWSMom says:

      Purdy Girl actually moved into the old Taroo location on Columbus. Used to work near Crave Fishbar in midtown. It will be a great addition to the area. I hope they bring their $1 oyster happy hour with them!!

    5. Mitchell says:

      I doubt that I will patronize Crave Fishbar. Not a classy move to dismiss Brother Jimmy’s by saying it will be “a better venue than the previous tenants.” Brother Jimmy’s is a fine bbq restaurant and added some diversity to the relatively bland palate on the UWS.

    6. Monk says:

      ‘Macchina” means both ‘machine’ and ‘car.’

      The restaurant’s gear logo could refer to either.

    7. lynn says:

      I’ve been a customer at Big Apple Art Gallery for over 10 years. Is Bob’s Framing taking over their spot or are they merging their businesses?

    8. Jecole says:

      Thanks for the great updates on all the new restaurants! Do you know what’s opening on Broadway and 115th, next to Cohen’s? They’ve been renovating the space for several weeks now.

    9. Amanda says:

      Great news to have Crave Fishbar on the neighborhood. Excited!!!!

    10. swtcurran says:

      Machina was open tonight (Thursday the 9th) for a private event. Sign on window says it’ll be open to the public “soon.”

    11. wendy says:

      menu looks mighty pricey for Crave Fishbar on the east side….. Ouest, which was similarly priced, just closed due to high rents. We wish them luck, but we won’t be regulars there. Mermaid Inn has better prices, and is closer.

    12. DMH says:

      Anyone know what’s going into the nw corner spot at Amsterdam and 81st, at the old Pet Health location?

    13. Judy Harris says:

      What’s up with Primo Pizza on W 84th between CPW and Columbus; every time I pass it is closed.

      • Jenn says:

        They went through a series of management changes and then the kitchen suffered a leak that ruined most of the inventory and damaged some of the equipment. The owners closed it, and are most likely not reopening any time soon, or ever.

    14. S. Louie says:

      The only deal left on Amsterdam is the Spice Lunch special $8. Anytime before 3PM.

      I think that goes for bway…However “Manhattan Diner” on 95th and Bway (East side of bway – look for small door entrance) has the best bang for your buck too!

      • friendlyneighbor says:

        Both Land and Senn Thai have great lunch specials, and I think Kefi does a pretty good one too…

    15. pc says:

      For all the restaurants around here, you’d think there were good options. However, they’re all overcrowded and most seem rather mediocre.

    16. Christina says:

      We need a seafood restaurant that’s REALLY Authentic to a local fisherman’s town also means No haute cuisine, reasonable prices and items like clams, mussels, steamers, clam chowder, crawfish etc. that is just that, not all fancy presentation and all.

    17. Mia says:

      I visited Bob’s Framing a few years ago and distinctly remember the framer giving me a hard time about using a coupon. After rudely refusing to honor the coupon, I told him, “Okay no problem, I’ll take my business elsewhere and let others know not to come here.” Oh that karma tastes so sweet.