ditch plains6
The former bar at Ditch Plains when it was open.

By Sasha Pezenik

A new restaurant named Columbus Flame will open in the former home of Ditch Plains on West 82nd street just off of Columbus Avenue. Columbus Flame is actually an adapted version of Fusha, the Pan Asian restaurant that just closed its location on the corner of Amsterdam and 75th street. Though the Post originally reported that Brother Jimmy’s BBQ would be taking over this location, instead we can expect a different kind of flame-licked cuisine: the UWS can now boast its very own Hibachi grill.

A restaurant representative who presented the plans to the community board said Columbus Flame will open within 3 to 4 months. They will retain the Fusha chefs and much of the Fusha menu – that’s everything from dragon rolls to guacamole with wasabi chips – and will add several additional chefs to perform at the 5 hibachi tables, which will offer the classic pork, shrimp, and beef. The committee approved their application for a 2-year liquor license.

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    1. Jean says:

      As a resident of the block, I am just so happy a rowdy bar like Brother Jimmy’s isn’t moving in.

    2. duckwise says:

      Jacob’s Pickles should have taken the initiative to move here. They’d finally have enough space. Seriously, this restaurant is cavernous. Not sure how anyone lasts. I’m unexpectedly excited for the Hibachi, though.

    3. what says:

      There is a reason there are no hibachi restaurants in NYC, no one likes to sit with strange people whose manners/habits are questionable and no one likes to receive a facial while eating.