A Japanese fusion restaurant has closed, as new Mexican and Kosher food is on its way. Check out several Upper West Side openings and closings below.

Fusha on Amsterdam Avenue and 75th street has closed its doors “We are eternally grateful for the support you have given us over the past few years,” the owners wrote in a sign on the door. They urged customers to head to Amber on 70th street, which is owned by the same people. As we wrote a couple of months ago, a broker said health-food restaurant Sweetgreen leased the space, but the company has given mixed messages about whether it’s actually coming. Thanks to Gavan and Douglas for tips.

Chipotle will expand to Columbus Square, with plans to open at 805 Columbus on the Southeast corner of 100th street, according to the Commercial Observer. “The deal, signed roughly two weeks ago, is for 2,564 square feet, said Kelly Gedinsky of Winick Realty Group, and the asking rent was $165 per square foot.

Camp Canine is taking over the New York Dog Shop space on West 73rd street and will have a cat camp for “luxury cat boarding,” according to Tania.

bagels 90thThe Bagel Basket at 90th street and Amsterdam “was purchased a week ago by someone who will be opening an Israeli-style coffee shop. It also will be kosher and closed for Shabbat,” says Ellen.

The space housing Scaletta, the Italian restaurant at 50 West 77th street that’s been there for more than a quarter century, is on the market. The flyer says it will be available as of March 2016. This doesn’t mean Scaletta will definitely close, only that the landlord is marketing the space.

The Hertz on 95th street and the parking garage next to it have now officially closed, a tipster tells us.

Harmony Karate opened last week at its new location, 251 West 81st street.

The AT&T store on 78th and Broadway is “more than doubling in size, taking over the empty storefront just to its south.  No expansion opening date yet,” says Harriet.

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    1. WombatNYC says:

      The ” Malling ” continues. More things we don’t need from Corporate America

    2. stuart says:

      Is cell phone business really booming that AT&T needs to enlarge its space? Like there aren’t enough cell phone stores in the neighborhood…

      And I’ll wait for the someone else to comment on upcoming Chipotle saturation of the Upper West Side. Remember when there was a Gap clothing store every 10 blocks, and where are they now? Now that the UWS McDonalds are 20-25 blocks away from each other, is that a good distance apart?

    3. Paul RL says:

      RE: Hertz @ West 95th Street – is the whole garage closed? I thought that was a public garage, not just for the Hertz cars.

    4. Bill says:

      “How exciting! A bigger AT&T store! I love AT&T stores! HOO-RAY! Once another Chase Bank opens in the Ouest space to be the Upper West Side will be complete…”


    5. DMH says:

      Too bad about Fusha. That’s a beautiful space. Hope it is not dark long.

      • Bill (not the Bill above) says:

        I’ll miss Fusha. I enjoyed eating there, but delivery was even better. Always fast and courteous with quality near the top for West Side “Asian” food.

    6. Roz Goldfarb says:

      Can you find out what is going into the space on the northeast corner of 71st & Columbus, formerly Harry’s Buritos?

    7. rachel says:

      After walking by Fusha and seeing it was closed, I went to get sushi at Tenzan a few nights ago and one of the servers from Fusha was working there. She told me that Fusha is not closed for good – they are going to be moving locations and will be reopening in the 80’s – she just was not sure when, but hoped it was soon. Anyone know anything about this?

      • bravo soldier says:

        Rachel, you seem to be friendly with that waitress, can you ask her for more info? I love Fusha. Hopefully the moving/not closing is true.

    8. joe says:

      What is an Israeli-style coffee shop?

      • David44 says:

        Aroma on 72nd St and Columbus is Israeli; as well as the regular espressos etc., they serve Turkish coffee, and they also have some Middle Eastern food options. I’m guessing that this place will be similar.

      • BlingBling says:

        more Kosher nonsense. The UWS is now officially the Jewish West Side.

        • Cato says:

          This is news to you?

        • m_pipik says:

          Bling, Bling

          I find your comment exceedingly offensive.
          The UWS has been a neighborhood with loads of Jews of all types as well as people from all backgrounds at least since WWII.

        • PGG says:

          Your comment is so crude, and I think you must be very young and naive to not realize that the Upper West Side has always been the primary home to the Jews,after the Lower East Side. Read your Manhattan history to learn about when the Jews who chose to assimilate in this country, in the early 1900’s, started moving up to the Upper West Side, then many to The elegant Grand Concourse, in the then beautiful Bronx, then Westchester. What a shameful comment from you! Clearly you don’t realize you are the one who may not “belong”.

          • Mollie says:

            I for one, am happy to see the Bagle basket go since it was blatantly prejudice against non Jewish people. And I’m sorry but I’ve lived on the upper west side 30 years and this has no ever been a predominantly Jewish naighborhood until recently and that still doesn’t explain why I can’t get a bagle on a Friday or Saturday. I’m over this and will not been giving them my business.

      • Dan says:

        “Israeli style coffee shop” = Aroma Cafe on 72 btwn Amsterdam and Columbus. But this over will be Kosher and shomer Shabbat; better for that neighborhood.

    9. Christina says:

      A Buddha Berry would be a Great addition to the neighborhood! Someone should open one up here. Great Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Cafe. Twelve self-serve yogurt flavors changing daily with 60 toppings and bases. There are tasty ready-to-go sandwiches, smoothies, Belgian waffles, and snacks. Much better than anything we’ve seen on the Upper West Side lately!

    10. Jane says:

      Scaletta has been a favorite because it provides good Italian food in a quiet atmosphere. I hope it will not be forced to close.

    11. KC says:

      I just realized that the old Food Emporium on 67th & Broadway is becoming a gigantic Lowe’s. Can we establish a neighborhood boycott and make sure we all go to the small hardware stores? So gross.

      • lynn says:

        A Home Depot was supposed to go up on 86th and Lexington (UES) a few years ago and at least 3 small hardware shops in the neighborhood closed up shop after 50+ years (except for Wankels), then H&M clothing moved in instead. Has renovation already started for Loews? Do residents on the UWS really need a home improvement store?

        • KRA says:

          Yes, because Beacon Hardware overcharges way too much. And Grand Metro has a sucky return policy. If Klosty’s was still here we wouldn’t.

          • RF says:

            Even though I live close to Beacon Hardware and Basics Plus (both of which I find to be somewhat overpriced) my go-to hardware store is Aquarius on 89th and Amsterdam. Fair prices and helpful staff make it well worth the extra walk (AND they have a decent selection of potting soils and gardening supplies for much less than Plant Shed!) I’ll continue to shop at Aquarius even after Lowes opens its doors.

      • richard says:

        Neighborhood boycott? How about you don’t go there and let the rest of us do what we want. Not everyone wants to pay 2x the price that Lowe’s charges.

        And yes, the neighborhood does need a store like Lowe’s! I’ll bet dollars to donuts this store will be packed all the time, just like Trader Joe’s.

      • Hammertime says:

        KC- Boycott your little heart out. You’ll be the only one not going to Lowe’s. Dummy.

      • bravo soldier says:

        I’d be more than happy to see all Food Emporium locations gone. It’s in the league with Gristedes: severely overpriced, bad quality, deliberately understaffed.
        Can anyone explain how those two awful chains stay afloat? How do they make rent? One of the economic mysteries of NYC…

    12. Michael Palmer says:

      It would be great showing photos of Harmony by Karate’s new location at 251 West 81st street. Please let me know if you wish me to send photos. The company has been on the Upper Westside for 20 years and has a large following and customer base.

    13. Matt B. says:

      Does anyone know what is going to be replacing The Banana Republic that was on 86th Street & Broadway(Northeast Side).

    14. Rafael says:

      How about Essentials? What’s going to replace the store?

    15. keith says:

      Fusha is moving to the old ditch plains site west of natural history. There is talk of habachi. How a salad place can fill the old fusha space and make profit is beyond me.

      • Cato says:

        Thought that Brother Jimmy’s was moving from Amsterdam to the old Ditch Plains site?

        That was the report right here on the Rag not all that long ago. Did the plan fall through??

    16. 92nd street says:

      I would gladly trade every bank and generic joint on the UWS for a single Doughnut Plant on 92nd Street

    17. CC NYC says:

      Rumor has it Fusha will be taking over the old Ditch Planes spot on West 82nd.

    18. UWS-er says:

      DNAInfo says Fusha is definitely moving to Ditch Plains location, will have sushi and also a hibachi, will change name to Columbus Flame (which sounds like a joke, but isn’t).