harrys burritos

Upscale French fashion is about to replace a longtime burrito joint on the corner of Columbus Avenue and 71st street. Harry’s Burritos, which closed in December, will be replaced later this year by IRO, a clothing store, according to the Commercial Observer.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 9.25.56 AM“Paris-based IRO has inked a 10-year lease with the owner of 241 Columbus Avenue for 1,560 square feet on the first two floors of the building. The deal includes 860 square feet on the ground floor and 700 square feet on the lower level.”

The asking price was $600 per square foot. The store is set to open in September. As rents have risen, several other Columbus Avenue food businesses have been replaced by clothing stores in the past couple of years, including Emerald Inn (replaced by Kate Spade) and China Fun (replaced by Vince).

Check out the fashion here. And if you meet any of their models, ask them why they’re not allowed to smile in the pictures. You’re wearing an $800 jacket, be happy!

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    1. Shelia says:

      It is so sad to see the “cute” Columbus Ave resturants go, only to be replace by “useless” clothing store shops. #savenyc

    2. SA_NYC says:


      My beloved Harry’s, reduced to a fancy French clothing store. They’d better have a killer happy hour or I’m going to be really upset.

    3. tom tom says:

      Harry’s food and bottled juice flavored margaritas sucked. I was hoping for a better restaurant to move in. The last thing I need is another overpriced boutique clothing store that I will never buy overpriced crap from

    4. Bob says:

      i’m getting sick and tired of the restaurants turning into fashion spots… good grief.

      loved doing bottomless brunch at Jalepeno then going to Harry’s for $3 margaritas. ooooo nice weekeneds… no more.

    5. EricUWS says:

      No one will miss Harry’s more than the rodents who’ve called that place home for decades…

    6. Fooey says:

      I was hoping for a GOOD Chinese restaurant to move in to replace Hunan Park & China Fun – instead we get yet another ditsy boutique.

    7. CosmoAndCharlie says:

      I personally am looking forward to buying my next $1400 leather jacket at IRO. But I will not smile when I do so, nor will I expect the salesperson to.

    8. yoyomama says:

      The ridiculous influx of clothing stores deaden the neighborhood. They close at around 8 and life on Columbus Ave just dies.

      You know it’s bad when there’s more going on at Duane Reade than anywhere else for blocks.

      • webot says:

        Huh? the clothing stores do not deaden the streets.

        what deadens the street are the now not as common roll down graffiti covered gates . That is what a late night walk used to greet you on the UWS.

        sorry, but the clothing store usually have attractive windows and even if I am not the customer they add to the block. High end clothing stores have been part of the original Columbus Avenue revival in the early 80s. and yes , they got out of business all the time too.

        But, kvetchers gonna kvetch kvetch kvetch.

    9. j says:

      Seems like the high end clothiers on Columbus turnover quickly too. lots of closures past 12-18 months. keep trying.

    10. Sean says:

      They could open up a a Wrangler Ranch again.

    11. tyler says:

      this trend is disturbing because this is what happened to the village – and now the village is nothing but a colletion of Burberry, Cynthia Rowley and Coach stores. Coach?!? in the f-ing village? Coach belongs on Canal street. or lower fifth ave at best.