Kate Spade has opened in the former home of the Emerald Inn on 69th street and Columbus Avenue. The new store has a bow-shaped entryway and sells clothes and accessories. It has a glowing neon sign inside that says “Colorfully.”

And in another sign that Columbus is becoming the new Madison Avenue, former Chinese restaurant China Fun on Columbus between 71st and 72nd (at right) will soon become a retail clothing store called Vince, a contractor told us. Vince sells luxury clothes and accessories for both men and women. Here’s its current women’s line.

Swedish clothing store Älskling on Columbus and 70th is taking a temporary break, allowing a store called loup charmant to rent its space. Loup charmant sells high-quality cotton clothing, apparently inspired by beach vacations.

The former Ollie’s space on 67th and Broadway (next to the Apple Store), once rumored to be a potential new spot for Shake Shack, is temporarily selling Halloween clothes. The store is called Spirit Halloween.


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    1. Mike says:

      Great! Now we can all wear designer duds for our long walks to buy a loaf of Wonder bread.

    2. webot says:

      store looks great.

      Mike, don’t be so cynical.

      things change – stores come and go. this is life.

      Montmarte is closing, and perhaps a bread store will replace it.

      and this store did not displace your Wonder Bread source. Maybe a brewski , you still have Pioneer up the block.

    3. Kathy says:

      Just stopped in the Spirit Halloween store after school today; selection and layout of store was awesome! Staff so friendly and upscale . I already bought my little niece a costume, can’t decide for myself yet! The prices were great for the location. I just wish there were more signs out front or else I almost would have walked right by. Glad I found out about it on Westside Rag.