A juicy rumor started this morning after the Post said Shake Shack owner Danny Meyer has been sniffing around the location of the Ollie’s Noodles on 67th and Broadway that closed after a fire late least year.

Meyer is just one of the executives who’s taking a look at the space. The Post says Microsoft, Nike, Anthropologie and Patagonia have also expressed interest. Being located next to the Apple store clearly has its advantages — if nothing else, people will come into your store to go to the bathroom the next time they’re waiting in a 16-hour line to get the next gadget. A Microsoft store next to an Apple store would almost be too much irony for one block to bear.

Gothamist got a no comment from Shake Shack: “We look for compelling sites in great neighborhoods. We have decided not to comment on any of these rumors, unless we have something concrete to share.”

The Apple store and Shake Shack: sounds a little too much like two entries in the famous list of “Stuff White People Like.”

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    1. Noah says:

      “unless we have something concrete to share”

      I’m familiar with Shake Shack’s menu – and they have a wide selection of “concretes” to share!!!

    2. Ethan says:

      Let’s not forget there’s a precious “public space” at issue here also that must be protected and reopened as soon as possible. See