Few things get Upper West Siders as upset as the dog poo that discourteous canine owners leave on the sidewalk. Stepping in the crap can ruin your entire day and inspire all sorts of revenge fantasies (involving poo).

But one Upper West Sider has responded to the proliferation of poo with a positive campaign rather than rage.

The anonymous crusader has put up signs on 98th street that attempt to educate dog owners rather than criticize their messy ways.

A few weeks ago, Meg D’Incecco began to see the signs posted on trees on 98th. They had all sorts of positive and thought-provoking sayings on them like “What We Think, We Become,” which is a quote from the Buddha. Under the sayings is the phrase: “Please be a good neighbor and curb your dog.”

D’Incecco told us: “Each tree on W. 98 between Broadway and Amsterdam has a different, lovely quote and the inevitable reminder. As a dog owner I cringe at the fact that these reminders are necessary but I appreciate the way these are executed!”

Apparently, the sign-maker lives on 98th, but did not respond to our attempts to contact her through Meg.

See more of Meg’s photos below. If you are the Poo Buddha (you can come up with your own more dignified name and we will honor it) please contact us!

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    1. Anthony says:

      Nice….but not going to do anything to get these pigs to clean up after their dogs!

    2. Is there a reason why you cannot write – poop.

      Poo – that sounds like something a chef would talk about.

    3. John says:

      This problem has gotten a lot worse in recent years and brings back memories of how gross the sidewalks were in the 70’s. Now that people are required to clean up after their dogs, they have forgotten about curbing. They seem to think it’s ok to let their dogs do it right in the middle of the sidewalk. Often even when “cleaned up” there is still some left. The city really needs a “Curb & Clean” campaign. A few tickets would help too.

    4. Scooter Stan says:

      Re: “The city really needs a “Curb & Clean” campaign. A few tickets would help too.”

      Well, in the spirit of Kumbaya, how’s about being proactive rather than punitive. Give doggy types a reason to clean up after their 4-legged friends by letting them clean-up financially! Encourage the city to start a POO(P) (read “Poo-py”) BUY-BACK CAMPAIGN, akin to the gun-buy-backs. Since most doggy-types walk about with inverted plastic bags on their hands to pick up after Buffy, have the city set up POOP-CANS into which Mr./Ms. dog-owner would deposit their daily “present” … but only after filling out a card with their name and address and placing that card inside the BAG-O-POOP.

      Every fortnight (sounds classy, eh!)a POOPY-TRUCK could roam about collecting the plastic bags, which would be brought to a PILES-O’-POOP site. Their the bags could be opened, the contents weighed, and the donors’ names and addresses recorded so that the city could mail them a THANKS-4-THE-POOP check each month.

      But WHO would get the onerous task of opening the POOP-BAGS and recording data? Well, here’s an excellent place to gainfully use disgraced local politicians / City Council members. Do the names Espinosa and Monserrat come to mind? And there will be more … lots more.

      One proviso, though. All dogs are eligible with the exception of …………….(wait for it) ……………………………

      SHIH TZUs

    5. Bgeorge says:

      As a dog owner, I don’t get it. I live in the 70’s between CPW and Columbus and its awful. It has gotten so much worse in the last year. Some of these deposits are fairly large, so you have to stand and wait for the dog to finish…You see it, but make a conscious decision not to clean up. I’m all for tickets, huge fines, whatever it takes. You own a dog that comes with responsibilities.
      Pick up the POOP

    6. adami says:

      Poo buddha – please extend your reach across Broadway to WEA and 98th. Thanks.

    7. Richelle says:

      CITY COUNCIL CANDIDATES… this is just one CAMPAIGN that is waiting to happen, and WIN you a ton of VOTES!!!