A rendering of the nursing home.

A long-awaited meeting that will help determine the construction process for a new 20-story nursing home on 97th street is set for Tuesday night.

Jewish Home Lifecare, now on 106th street, is preparing to build a new nursing home starting next year, and some locals have cautioned that the site is contaminated with lead and has other problems. This meeting will help set the guidelines for an environmental impact study of the site, which sits right next to PS 163. The meeting is at PS 163, 163 West 97t street, at 6:30 p.m. No JHL at PWV, a group that has criticized the plan, has more about how to get involved and what sort of action has already occurred:

Because of the community’s sustained activism, and with the help of various elected officials, JHL has been compelled to submit a study that will look at a list of 23 potential environmental impacts on PS 163 and the surrounding neighborhood both during and after construction, e.g., lead or other contaminants in the soil, traffic, noise, shadows, quality of life, safety, etc.

A State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) of JHL’s proposed development is underway and one of the first steps is a public scoping meeting to present the Draft Scoping Document.
The purpose of the NYSDOH meeting is for the community to learn about and then comment on the scope of the environmental impact review that JHL must complete before potential construction can begin.”

More here.

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    1. webot says:

      lets start with the obvious – the building as shown in the rendering is hideous and extremely bulky.

      Please go back to the drawing board. If not architecturally distinct, at least be contextual with traditional UWS design – perhaps some limestone and adding windows to the blank walls.

    2. Nadine says:

      Where on 97th st? I hope not where my favorite greenmarket takes place every Friday morning.

      • PRL says:

        It is in the parking lot to the east of the school – right behind the sidewalk where the greenmarket is. This whole project is awful for the neighborhood on many levels.

    3. Harriet Flehinger says:


      I live right across from the Hotel Esplanade. It’s bulky and old, and the old people sit out on the benches in front with their attendants in the warm weather. My mother-in-law spent the last 3 years of her life there, and I was very happy to be able to visit her so easily. Please stop thinking that everything in your neighborhood has to be pretty or supply you with food. When you are old and need a nursing home, you might be happy that your old neighbors can walk down the block to visit you.

      • PRL says:


        With all due respect to your lecture, as a taxpayer trying to raise a young family here, I have every right to wish for my neighborhood to be pretty AND supply me with food among other things. “My Back Yard” (the West ’90’s) is already over-saturated with senior housing and other civic-minded services such as homeless shelters, housing projects, thrift stores, clinics, etc. This nursing home might be nice for someone to visit their mother-in-law, but it’s scope and location (not to mention its asthetics) is just plain bad for the neighborhood.

      • webot says:

        Harriet – you are doing the inter web version of screaming and name calling (all caps).

        I said nothing about the use. I referred only to the horrible instituional architecture as shown in the rendering. Clearly the neighborhood and the ultimate patients deserve better design. It can be done – look at the senior housing called the Hallmark in battery Park.

        FYI, I love the Esplanade and its residents.

    4. Ellen says:

      No doubt that the West Side is overdeveloped, particularly south of 79th Street. But if given the choice between a nursing home or another luxury building, would definitely prefer a nursing home.

      Comment by Harriet is completely on target

    5. Steve says:

      I drive by the JHL on 106th street almost every day. There are double and triple parked cars there at all times of the day. How do they plan on dealing with that situation on 97th street where it is already horribly backed up with traffic? It is also the street that the firehouse on 100th street uses to respond to most of their calls. They already have a hard time getting down that street as it is now.

    6. Bruce Bernstein says:

      geez, now people are complaining about senior housing, thrift stores, and “clinics”? it seems like at least one of the commenters above wants to turn the UWS into an antiseptic gated community.

      I for one am really happy we have thrift stores. And senior housing. And housing projects. (gasp). And “clinics”, whatever that means.

      this project appears to be too large but there is nothing wrong with a nursing home. I prefer it to yet another “luxury” condo catering to rich foreigners who want a pied-a-terre.

      • PRL says:

        Bruce, you need to stop labeling people and paraphrasing their comments. You have done this many times before. People should be allowed to post their opinions without you desparaging their character to further your own agenda on these pages. I said that this neighborhood, the West ’90’s, is over saturated with the

        • PRL says:

          …the services that I mentioned. I said nothing about wishing for an antiseptic gated community – those are your words and your own fears. Your disdain for “the rich” and “Republicans” is well known on these pages. That said, you need to stop painting anyone who wishes for a neighborhood that stays desirable for ALL people, whether they are rich or poor, young or old, as a bad person.

          • Bruce Bernstein says:

            it seems to me that PRL doth protest too much. I said nothing about what type of person you (or anyone else) is. I argued with the viewpoints you expressed, which i cited exactly as you stated them. Yes, i then made an inference as to where this leads. and this is already happening on the UWS.

            look, if you want to complain about an “over-saturation” of thrift stores and senior housing, expect people to disagree with you.

            • webot says:

              I agree with you PRL.

              Bruce Bernstein has a far left extremist agenda.

              His comments are very disturbing.

              That said, he has a right to his opinion – as does everyone.

              I just wish he would stop attacking others personally and putting them under labels.

            • Bruce Bernstein says:

              I love it! Webot says i have a “far left extremist agenda” and my “comments are disturbing”… and then immediately follows with “he should stop attacking people personally and putting them under labels.”

              wonderful consistency…

          • Bruce Bernstein says:

            by the way, PRL, why don’t you explain how the West 90s are “over-saturated” with housing projects and senior housing and thrift stores? do you have examples?

          • Bruce Bernstein says:

            PRL said:

            “That said, you need to stop painting anyone who wishes for a neighborhood that stays desirable for ALL people, whether they are rich or poor, young or old, as a bad person.”

            what a straw man argument. it’s not the rich who are getting driven out of the neighborhood. it is the poor and working and middle classes. perhaps you might want to think about that if you really want this neighborhood to stay desirable for “all people.”

    7. Bruce Bernstein says:

      i personally would like to see less highly subsidized housing in the community. by that, of course, i mean the MOST subsidized housing in terms of dollars on the UWS — the high end condos and coops! Every luxury mortgage is highly subsidized by the US govt through the mortgage interest deduction and also by NYC through various types of property tax abatements and credits.

    8. Dr. Z says:

      To much money has/will change hands and this project will be completed if history plays a role. All our elected officials talk about the environment but the traffic congestion that this’ll cause will make the air you beath deadly. On another note while all our elected officials talk about how important education is, here’s another example of how they act in contradictory ways. There will be NO learning at P.S 163 once that first shovel comes in, I pity the poor teachers. If this goes thru, you can thank Stringer and L. Rosenthal.
      For those who’d rather have this in stead of a high rise apartment house, you’ll be sorry.
      Yea for Webot. Build something that has some esthetic.

    9. Jennifer says:

      A nursing home actually sounds good in comparison to what is happening 25 blocks south on the West Side.

      As West Side Rag describes “And in another sign that Columbus is becoming the new Madison Avenue…Columbus between 71st and 72nd (at right) will soon become a retail clothing store called Vince….”

      • westSider says:

        really Jennifer? a boutique clothing store offends you? what has brought folks to a place where a nice store can bring such cynicism?

        memo to Jen: we have had nice designer boutiques in the hood for decades – does the word Charivari mean anything to you? and lovely dress shops (frocks) before that.

        welcome new senior housing , it should be attractive on the outside too. – the one shown is not.