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Passover is coming next week, and a capella group Six13 has taken to the streets of the Upper West Side to film a music video to get everyone excited for the holiday. The video, called Uptown Passover and sung to the tune of Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk, was filmed on West 68th street, with singers dancing in the street and on cars. One of them lives in the neighborhood. Check it out below:

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    1. Elias Friedman says:

      Chag sameach, y’all!

    2. Jake says:

      So, how much damage was done to those cars??

    3. Majka says:

      Git Jontev!

      • Iiari says:

        Considering the one car danced upon has the license plate of the name of the group, I’d guess not much harm came to that minivan…

        We’ve seen Six13 in concert before, and they’re incredible. They blend pop culture and Judaism in a way that’s very clever, very authentic, and very positive. Chag kasher v’same’ach to all!

    4. naro says:

      meshugane bochers)

    5. Len Golante says:

      What a lot of fun-certainly a different Pesach song to what we sing -loved the spirit Chag Sameach to all

    6. Cynthia Himmelfarb says:

      This is so much fun. It really got me in the mood for Pesach. Chag sameach.

    7. Nancy (Landau) Mckernan says:

      I grew up Jewish and never enjoyed videos like these. If I were young again; maybe I would of appreciated/enjoyed Passover seder a lot more. This generation has it made. Keep it up guys. I love the new format you have brought to our faith.

    8. Elena Figa says:

      just. Great video! Thank you!!!

    9. Trude says:

      A capella of affliction.