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Nicholas Figueroa, one of two men who were still missing on Friday following an explosion in the East Village Thursday, went to public school on the Upper West Side, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Figueroa, 23, had been eating at Sushi Park on 2nd Avenue between 7th and 8th streets, when an explosion tore through the restaurant, eventually resulting in a massive fire that caused several buildings to collapse.

According to Mr. Figueroa’s Facebook page, he went to P.S. 75 and Beacon High School, a selective public school on the Upper West Side. It said he worked as a model for Hollister Co., a youth-oriented clothing store, in 2013.

David Ventura, who knew him in fifth grade at P.S. 75, said Mr. Figueroa made friends easily despite the challenge of transferring in that year and liked to corral classmates for tag, soccer and sitting together at lunch. β€œHe wanted to befriend everyone as much as possible,” Mr. Ventura said.

Figueroa, the oldest of four brothers, had recently taken a job at Bowlmor Lanes. Three of his friends sat on a ledge above the rubble on Friday, looking down and hoping for good news, according to the Journal.

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Image via Figueroa’s Facebook page.

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    1. DMH says:

      The anguish his family must be going through. Hoping for a miracle with finding the two missing man. Thanks WSR for covering this part of the story.

    2. J says:

      Apparently his father is a doorman on the Uws

      • Kimbakat says:

        His father is an assistant super and handyman!

        He is an extremely gifted woodworker and is well loved by the tenants in his building.

        We wish him and his family comfort in this tragic circumstance.

    3. BlingBling says:

      they found him πŸ™