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New health-food is coming to the Upper West Side as a furniture store and other shops close.

Design Within Reach, the furniture and home goods store on 76th street and Columbus Avenue, closed late last week, with a sign on the windows telling people to visit their other locations. “They had some beautiful furniture, not always within reach,” June tells us. It will be replaced by clothing store Peruvian Connection, which plans to open in late summer or early fall, according to Barbara Adler, the executive director of the Columbus Avenue BID. Learn more about Peruvian Connection here.


sweetgreen, a salad and health-food restaurant chain that started in Washington DC, is set to open on 74th 75th street and Amsterdam Avenue. A broker says it will replace Fusha, the Pan Asian restaurant is at 311 Amsterdam Avenue. A Fusha manager said she hadn’t heard of any plans to close and the owner was away on vacation. A sweetgreen rep had no information on when the new restaurant might open.

radio shack9

Radio Shack on 72nd street between Broadway and West End Avenue, has closed for good after a liquidation sale. Thanks to Priscilla for the tip and photo.

Devachan Salon, which specializes in styling curly hair, is set to open soon on 79th street between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue after moving from its SoHo location, Claire tells us. We don’t have the exact address of the new location, but Claire says it will be in a townhouse.


Birdbath has now opened its doors on Columbus between 72nd and 73rd street in the former home of Arte Around the Corner. If it gets its liquor license, this could be the first Birdbath that serves alcohol. Thanks to Wendi for the tip and photo.

Party City on 92nd and Columbus is…well, just read the sign. Thanks Kenneth.

party city 5

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    1. Sue L says:

      Too bad about “our” DWR–guess we’ll now have to do our “aspirational sighing” over Eames, Miller, etc., out of the nabe! Still, though an on-the-ground Peruvian Connection in NYC may be welcomed by those who shop their catalog, one wonders how the chain’ll fare among the high-end likes of Babette, Vince, Rag & Bone, Sandro, etc. Can it “cut the mustard” (with apologies to Maille, of course)?

    2. Scott says:

      When the heck is that Lowe’s opening? Can’t wait.

    3. ws says:

      Design Within Reach hadn’t changed its window display in ten years, almost like they weren’t interested in new customers. Weird.

      • Susan says:

        You are so right..they didn’t care about customers. I went in there a couple of years ago with $6000 in hand to buy a couple of pieces. I assumed the free delivery that I had just seen in the paper was still in effect. The sales guy said, “oh, too bad, free delivery ended yesterday.” I told him that if he couldn’t extend it for this transaction, I would shop elsewhere.

        I went home and immediately ordered the same thing online, free delivery and saved $400 on tax. The salesman called an hour later and said he had decided that he could deliver my order for free. TOO LATE

    4. there should be a family dollar store in the west side up town and one in the Chelsea section of Manhattan. also a Deals 99 cents store in these locations.

    5. michelle says:

      Very excited about sweetgreen! Yes!

    6. Alessa says:

      A dollar store opened recently on 92nd and Amsterdam. Great if you want to buy a birthday card for less than $4 or last minute gift wrap.

    7. Karen Arlingotn says:

      Please say it isn’t so about Fusha closing. 🙁 It is one of just a few fusion restaurants around here that’s lovely and quiet enough to bring clients. And the food is great
      I hope the manager, once back from vacation, will dispel the rumors

    8. Bill says:

      I’ll be sorry to see Fusha go. It’s one of the best Asian-style places in the area with speedy and courteous delivery. No more rock shrimp tempura, coconut green curry or crispy duck buns (sigh).

    9. Kim says:

      Fusha is located at the corner of 75th Street, not 74th 🙂

    10. kelle says:

      From Devachan email:
      Our new home will be located at 220 West 79th Street. We’re opening the doors on March 31st and can’t wait to bring our passion to the neighborhood!

    11. TG says:

      Fusha is a pretty large space for a salad place, isn’t it?

    12. David Collins says:

      This will be the third if not fourth restaurant to go in that space in just 7-8 years. And while sweetgreens is a great place for lunch during the work week, not sure that location will work for them. It is not a place for Thu,Fri,Sat dinner or a family style place. Having said that, should be better than yet another pan-asian restaurant. When are we going to get a decent diner?!

    13. Vicki Cohen says:

      I had heard a few months ago that CHOP’T…the salad place…is taking over part of those long boarded up stores on Amsterdam between 76th & 77th Streets

      • WombatNYC says:

        I appreciate something opening along this long vacant stretch but this city continues to remind me of Suburbia .. that stretch now has ” Soul Cycle , Equinox , Crumbs, Subway, Pickberry, Models Sporting Goods etc.. Welcome to the Mall of NYC !

    14. stuart says:

      Are there any Radio Shack locations that are still open?

    15. Aunt Renie says:

      Is Lowes ever going to open on the UWS? It was reported last year that they were opening around Lincoln Center.

    16. Mark B says:

      Shocked and pissed that long-time neighborhood mainstays Lincoln Cafe and BreadSoul Cafe, adjacent to each other on Broadway between 62/63, both closed! Horrible. Best iced coffee, soups and sandwiches around.

    17. Shelley says:

      There’s a great new wine store on Columbus and 75th St that opened about 5 months ago. It’s FANTASTIC!! The owners and staff are so knowledable, friendly and helpful. Their selections of wines are incredible and the spirits in the back are pretty great as well. I keep reading about all the restaurant closings on the UWS maybe we need more places like this to get it going again!! CUDOS CORKS ON COLUMBUS!!

    18. Elizabeth says:

      Talk about cheap-looking strip mall stores. Ugh,