There’s lots of restaurant news to report in this edition of Upper West Side openings and closings.

A new restaurant called Macchina is set to open soon at 106th and Broadway, but we still haven’t heard much about it despite making inquiries and scouring the web. Stay tuned and let us know if you hear anything. (Macchina means machine in Italian.) Thanks to Beth and several others for tips.

CityPie, a pizza spot on 72nd street between Broadway and Columbus, closed this week. It was always a solid place for a traditional New York slice and we’ll miss it. In 2013, they invented Linsanity pizza to profit off the Jeremy Lin craze.

Brother Jimmy’s on Amsterdam sure seemed to be closed after it suddenly shut its doors on Sunday night — employees told us and our tipster that the restaurant was closed for good. But now the restaurant has a sign on the door saying it’s simply renovating and “we hope to be back up and runnin’ soon!” Which is good news for Brother Jimmy’s fans, of course, but still puzzling. Management hasn’t returned our phone message. Thanks to Jeff for the tip. See the note below and click it to enlarg.


Longgrain, the Thai restaurant on 95th and Broadway, has moved to the former home of Asia Kan on Amsterdam between 94th and 95th. That space has been on the market for awhile. No word yet on what will replace Longgrain. “All menus are the same from Asia Kan with the addition of Longgrains menu,” writes Maria. Thanks to Paul, Chris and others for tips.

Earth Cafe at 97th and Broadway is now serving alcohol, Paul tells us.

The Ribbon on 72nd street just off of Central Park West opened Wednesday night for a friends and family meal, we hear and will open to the public later this next week. It took the place of Sambuca, and we chatted with some people on the management at the New Taste food fest.

West End Hall is now open at 106th street and Broadway in the former home of 5 Lamps Tavern. We hear it’s got 20 taps, and serves an international array of sausages from knackwurst to Moroccan merguez. Check out the menu here.

The former home of Key Fresh & Natural on 90th and Amsterdam, which closed abruptly in April, looks like it won’t be getting another supermarket after all, at least not for awhile. We talked to one local supermarket owner who said he had bid on it, but the deal clearly didn’t work out. Signs on the window are now offering the space for rent for retail or a restaurant.

Amsterdam Lounge on Amsterdam and 119th is now closed for good. The listing for the space is here.

amsterdam lounge3

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    1. Jeff says:

      That’s a bummer about CityPie. It was a dive but the crust was quite good and they actually used some quality toppings (e.g. thick-cut portobellos and fresh pineapple) if you ordered a full pizza. RIP.

    2. Melanie de Haan says:

      My son and I would go to City Pie every Monday and Wednesday afterschool. We like to catch Ellen on the TV while enjoying a great slice!! My son was so sad today when we went to get our pizza… And found the place closed:( we hope they open up another location so we can continue to be their customer ). My son said, he wished he could taste their pizza one more time, it was his favorite pizza! Everyone was so nice who worked there!!! We will miss you all! ( especially the Pizza chef )

    3. Amy says:

      Chico Julio on 98th and Amsterdam has reopened! I never thought they really would.

      • Paul RL says:

        That’s great news! Although I still dream about the old Pampa days…

      • Henry says:

        Sad to say they ditched the sea food focus and changed the menu. Went last week and the food was borderline disastrous. Had a carnitas taco that quite simply wasn’t a carnitas taco. I think the chef might be allergic to salt.

    4. b74 says:

      Not City Pie! It became our pizza go-to place after New Pizza Town had to move out of the way of the new construction on the corner of 78 and Broadway.
      Argh. The search begins again.

      • Cato says:

        I hadn’t realized it, but pizzerias are going the way of good-old-fashioned Chinese restaurants on the UWS. There are fewer and fewer, where there used to be one seemingly on every block.

        This is particularly odd given the proliferation elsewhere in Manhattan of outposts of the 2Bros. and 99 Cent Fresh chains. Maybe commercial rents are just prohibitive up here. (Maybe.)

        Or maybe the “resty” crowd that has infested the neighborhood just won’t touch a pizza that isn’t artisanal and made with cheese crafted only by left-handed cheesemakers on alternate Thursdays. Grab a slice? Heavens — how plebeian!

        Bye bye, UWS!

      • Cato says:

        What perfect timing!

        “The menu features … creative pies like one with smashed cherry tomatoes, bitter greens, squid and salmon, or a white pizza with lemons, basil and smoked mozzarella.”

        When did all menus have to feature foods that have been “smashed”? Does anyone out there remember “mashed” potatoes?

        A pepperoni slice? How plebeian!

    5. mattyp11 says:

      Sad to hear about City Pie. Not the best place for a slice, but it was my go-to for delivery. It was cheaper, and better, than a number of other places in the neighborhood I tried before finding it.

    6. Mark says:

      Always going to be a Mama’s pizzeria fan. When they were on Broadway and 104th street that was the best, I miss those days.

    7. Netta says:

      Too bad about Amsterdam Lounge. It was one of the better options in the area and was a “date night” spot for the hubs and me when we were students at Columbia. We will also miss City Pie – cheap, fast, and decent taste.

    8. Christina says:

      The best pizza is Sals!!! It used to be on 95th St. & Bway
      Now I think on 101 St. & Bway. Been a staple in the neighborhood for like 50 years. Another great place that’s been around forever… V&Ts!

    9. KJH says:

      I lucked out and got to have dinner at Blue Ribbon. The food was amazing (I had the charcuterie and branzino) and the service was really excited to be there too.

      The dining room is beautiful. I love all the pictures they have of the neighborhood from back in the day.

      Great addition to the neighborhood.

    10. Peter says:

      Sad to see City Pie closed. The owner was a nice guy and they had delicious Pizza and Scillian slices. I think they were there for 15 years. Now it’s hard to find a good slice around 72nd Street.

      I went to Ribbon 3 times in the first week and the food was delicious. The Chicken was great and it’s a beautiful restaurant.

    11. Liz says:

      Say it isn’t so!! Oh, no!! What a month — Fusha on 75th and Amsterdam closed at the end of May, the Candle Bar on Amsterdam btwn 74th and 75th closed yesterday and now City Pie and Brother Jimmy’s are closed.

      Good bye Upper West Side. They’re falling like dominoes. Remember when Big Nick’s and Nicko’s on Broadway closed.

      What will open in these places next — more banks and high end clothing stores?

    12. Ariela says:

      Machina opened last weekend at 106th and Broadway and it is amazing! The inside is beautifully done and the food is really good. My group tried at least 10 different items and all but one was amazing Creative ingredients and combinations. Well worth checking out!

    13. Joe schmoe says:

      Too many gyms and fitness studios on the uws we also don’t need so many chinese food establishments.