2228 broadway

The Buildings Department issued a stop work order to the construction site at 2228 Broadway on Wednesday because the owners need to deal with the cracked sidewalk around the site, which the department says is “posing [a] trip hazard.”

Last we checked, construction had not begun on the tower fo0llowing the demolition of the stores that used to occupy the site, The building that goes there is likely to be about 20 stories tall.

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    1. Nelson says:

      A “trip hazard?” Welcome to the UWS! Stop texting and watch where you’re walking!

      • Christina says:

        You mean “Welcome to NYC!” cracks in the sidewalks and in the streets are all over this city, not just on the UWS!

    2. AC says:

      Instead of tackling helicopters, our local reps should be putting pressure on the developer/owner to incorporate a subway entrance/exit in their design. Anyone who has exited on 79 street knows that an additional egress is warranted. Similar to what was done between 86/87 street on B’way.

      Brewer/Rosenthal/etc. that would be a quality of life improvement the MTA would support along with your UWS constituents!

      • DMH says:

        Yes! Well said, AC. This is very much needed.

      • Jose Habib says:

        Totally agree – the exits at 79th street are woefully inadequate. It also seems unsafe to have only those two exits if people needed to evacuate the station quickly for any reason.

    3. joe says:

      they cant build there….where is the “homeless” person in pic going to practice his craft?

    4. ECarter says:

      joe, since when is being destitute a craft?

      I know the presence of homeless people is distressing and reduces OUR quality of life – but it pays to remember that it impairs THEIR quality of life even more. Some compassion is in order.

    5. ECarter says:

      hans, you say that as though it’s a bad thing …..

      Seriously, it is one thing to decide that you do not wish to actively reach out and help a destitute person (perhaps you believe this guy has engaged in behavior that means that he deserves to live this way, perhaps you think that “helping out” with little handouts merely prolongs the misery of homelessness, perhaps you have some other more or less acceptable basis for not being affirmatively sympathetic). But only a bully, or worse, kicks someone who is already down. Compassion is not “liberal”, it is decent.

    6. TAD says:

      I live in the rear of a building on West 79th, and this construction site is part of the “view” from my apt., so I have been following developments on Broadway and West 80th very closely.
      Job filings on the NYC Dept. of Buildings website are for a 14-story building (not 20-stories, thankfully– although a high-rise on that spot is a huge & unwelcome change from the previous old low-scale building).

      Glad to have a delay in this nearby imminent (noisy) construction, in any case– especially since demolition of 203-209 W. 79th St. (next to the Lucerne) is proceeding and a new 16-story building is to be erected there.

      Here’s the job filing listed for B’way and 80th: &street=Broadway&requestid=0&s=A03C41B885B461E4F46BD08866A7430E

      08/18/2014 121186590 01 NB J P/E DISAPPROVED 05/29/2015 0009723 RA JACOBS PENDING
      Work on Floor(s): SC, CEL,ROF 001 thru 014

    7. jc says:

      Since almost all new construction includes new sidewalks, what is the big deal?