Readers have sent in some compelling photos in the past few days.

shark boat basin

Brenda sent in the photo above of a very large fish that she says she saw in the Hudson River at the 79th street Boat Basin. We’ve heard various theories about the animal’s identity — some say it’s a pike, a species that has been known to swim in the Hudson.

The state Department of Environmental Conservation has a slightly scary description of them: “Nicknamed ‘waterwolves,’ members of the pike family are well known for their predatory nature. Solitary fishes, lurking in the shadows to ambush their prey, pike have highly carnivorous habits which have generated hundreds of fish stories ranging from swimmers being bitten to a favorite pet being eaten while going for a swim. While most of these stories are just that – stories – some are not.” Another reader tells us he saw two more of the fish in the Hudson around the 80’s: “they look the same, about 3ft long, 8″ round and dead unfortunately.”

Update: Our readers note it’s probably a sturgeon, not a pike.

fuzzy shoes

Rachel sent in the photo above of shoes hanging from wires in Central Park around 104th street and West Drive (the loop road). “I sent this to a few of my running friends to inquire whether anyone had noticed these shoes hanging in Central Park at 104/West Drive and if they knew anything about them. I’ve seen the usual shoes over a light pole before in the city, but this is a unique twist. They look like they have a fuzzy coating like cotton or dandelions or grass. No one had an idea and one person suggested sending it in to you.” Anyone have any idea?


Carol Brewer sent in the photo above, and captioned it in broker-speak. “New condo on W 92 st, 1 bedroom, close to subways, 2 parks and river. Looking for new tenant. Open house this weekend.”


And finally, Manhattanhenge was not quite as brilliant as many had hoped because of cloudy weather before sunset. So Drew Palazzo did a wee bit of photoshopping to add a little goofy drama.

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    1. M.Wong says:

      Could the fish have been a sturgeon? The photo shows a bottom-feeder’s mouth, unlike the huge predator mouth of a pike.

    2. Ed says:

      Best Manhattanhenge photo EVER! For some reason I feel the need to run out to Fairway and buy a box of Raisin Bran.

    3. Jake Shelton says:

      In regards to the “mystery fish” pictured at the beginning of the post, it is not a mystery at all and it is certainly not a pike. That fish is a sturgeon, a protected species within the United States. Besides the obvious shape of the body, the dead give away is the fact that the mouth is located directly on the bottom of the fish.
      Source: Professional Fly Fishing Guide, Cornell University Biology

      • Anonymous Ichthyologist says:

        Correct! You’d think someone would have googled “pike” before they published this! Sturgeon for sure 🙂

    4. Christina says:

      Or maybe the fish is Mutant! It wouldn’t surprise me, it is the Hudson down state after all! 😀

    5. Albert palazzo says:

      Leave it to my son to post this sun. Love it!!

    6. LIS says:

      The shoes are fanciful urban nests from the recent Drifting in Daylight art exhibition.

    7. Alan says:

      The fish is appropriate for the Hudson, it glows, thank you G.E.!!

    8. Gary T says:

      I have heard the running shoes on the light posts is territorial maybe gang related.

    9. Chris K. says:

      It is an art installation, “Lamppost Weavers”

    10. Elizabeth says:

      Thanks everyone! Now I know the difference between a Pike & a Sturgeon!! Learn something new everyday at the West Side Rag!!!!
      Love it!