A sailboat filled with musicians, scenes from movies depicted by actors, and an ice cream truck handing out ice cream the color of a Central Park sunset are all part of a new exhibit from arts group Creative Time in Central Park called “Drifting in Daylight.” It will continue through June 20 on Fridays and Saturdays from noon to 6 p.m.

Much of the exhibition is occurring in the Northern end of the park (map here), near the Dana Discovery Center around 110th street and 5th Avenue. But there are some artworks occurring in other spots too — conceptual artist David Levine is having actors recreate scenes from movies where they were actually filmed throughout the park. There are little plays going on all over the park, including scenes from Marathon Man and Bullets Over Broadway. The full list and map are here.

The 1930’s Icelandic fishing boat is in the Harlem Meer.

The ice cream truck is located at 106th and Fifth avenue just North of the Conservatory Garden. “After painting a watercolor of the sunset over Central Park, Finch meticulously extracts its hues to color cones of soft-serve ice cream, served free to park-goers in a series of what the artist calls an ‘edible monochrome.'”

To read more about the various sections of the exhibit, click here. It’s part of the celebration for the Central Park Conservancy’s 35th anniversary.

Image via Creative Time.

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    1. Miriam says:

      I’m so looking forward to seeing this! Creative Time always puts together great events. First encountered them at ‘Key to the City’ years ago and more recently at Bryant Park. I’m glad they’ve chosen the northern end of the park for this one!