“I said I want a co-op, not a coop!” Random chicken photo by David (MK).

Sometimes, mysterious things happen on the Upper West Side, shaking the very foundation of our staid and predictable neighborhood. In these cases, we turn to you for help.

Lately, there have been two such conundrums.

We posted an item a few weeks back about a woman who had heard what sounded like a chicken in the backyard of the block between Riverside Drive and West End Avenue between 84th and 85th street. Readers were skeptical, to say the least.

Since then our tipster has sent us a recording of the animal squawking or clucking or whatever it is a chicken does (sorry, city boy here). We’ve posted the recording below. Did any of our readers grow up on a farm? Does this mean we’re all getting fresh eggs soon?

Another mystery also cropped up about a week and a half ago, this one involving a large object hovering in the air around Lincoln Square. Our tipster’s description is below:

“There was something flying around my neighborhood Friday evening (May 2).  It had, I believe 2 red lights and either a blue or green light.  I live @ 33 West End at 61st street.  It flew in between my building and the buildings on 62/63 for a time, then few on the other side of 63rd where I couldn’t see and soon came back.  Then it flew downtown.  Didn’t see it for a little while and then it was buzzing around 50’s farther East.  I am not an alarmist and I cannot believe I am the only one who saw this thing.  Were there any other reports.  When I got my wits about me, I finally took a video but by then it was further East and not very good, but you can see ‘something’ flying around…I would be very surprised if I was the only one that saw it.”

She promises that she was only on her first glass of wine. The video below apparently shows something (flash of light?) around three-quarters of the way in, she notes. It was apparently about 20 feet long. Do you see anything? And what outfit is appropriate to wear when the aliens come?

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    1. ScooterStan says:

      Re: “a recording of the animal squawking or clucking … Does this mean we’re all getting fresh eggs soon?


      Re: “There was something flying around my neighborhood … It had, I believe 2 red lights and either a blue or green light.

      Probably a drone, recording video or still images. The great B&H store on 34th@Ninth Ave. has an excellent assortment. Enter “Drone” on the BandHPhotoVideo.com site’s search box.

      • Pat says:

        Thank you Scooter. As big as it was and as long as it hung around, I couldn’t believe no one else saw it.

    2. Meech says:

      The fox (that I think I’ve heard a few times at Riverside and 89th) should take care of that chicken soon enough.

    3. SpiritbearNY says:

      Or.. It could be a parrot that grew up on a chicken farm. :p

      As for the drone, that’s tame compared to what I and my friend saw fly over us on 9th Avenue in the 90’s. But that’s a story for another day. (If anyone else saw it, you’ll know what I’m talking about.)