Not only are 10 new restaurants about to open on the Upper West Side. We also have some baked goods to look forward to.

In the next few weeks, Birdbath Bakery is slated to open on the corner of 85th Street and Columbus Avenue in the former home of the Down & Quilt shop. The store’s signs have been up for months, and we first wrote about them in May, but they are finally close to opening, an employee at the company’s headquarters told me (Birdbath is run by City Bakery). Tipster Daren also told us he’s seen active construction going on in the space.

Birdbath is extremely (ridiculously?) environmentally conscious. From their website:  “The bakeries are built from recycled, found, vintage, or sustainable materials. Birdbath is wind-powered, and all of the food is delivered from our main kitchen in bicycle-powered rickshaws. We also give discounts to any customer who arrives by bike, or even skateboard.”

Do I really have to buy a skateboard just to get a good price on a cookie?

A new Turkish bakery is slated to open at 124 West 72nd Street, the former home of an AT&T shop, a construction manager on the project told me. The opening date is still unclear. If the space comes together (construction is ongoing now) it could be very exciting: Turkish pastries include all sorts of fillings wrapped in phyllo dough, as well as baklava. Not to mention delicious Turkish coffee.

For our map of 10 restaurants about to open in the neighborhood, click here.

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    1. ewg says:

      Does Birdbath know of this thing that uses fewer resources than biking or skateboarding? I think it’s called walking.

    2. jerry says:

      ewg has it nailed…perfect! Let us pedestrians go get our double discounts.

    3. nora says:

      I am unable to find contact info for the website which is not connect to that automatic email system. UWR – what is your email address??????

      The Humus Place on 97th street closed with NO notice at all . There yesterday – gone today. The signs is cut up so you cannot even tell it was a Humus PLace.

    4. Sally Mainish says:

      Sounds like Birdbath Bakery is run by birdbrain liberals.

    5. floretbroccoli says:

      My niece wanted to know why she didn’t get a discount for WALKING to birdbath. I asked Maury Rubin and he said something about how a person who walked there would have been less likely to drive than a person who skateboarded there. I didn’t understand.