6:55 a.m., Central Park. Photo by Avi.

September 5, 2012 Weather: Scattered Thunderstorms, High of 82 Degrees.

Events on our calendar today include tributes to John Cage, free movies and yoga, and more.

A shout-out to the CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture) that donated food to West Side Campaign Against Hunger this year: Cream of the Crop CSA, Roxbury Farm CSA, Garden of Eve, the CSA at Ansche Chesed and the CSA at Manhattan School for Children. Consider buying food from them if you’re looking for a CSA.

The Upper West Side will be the first neighborhood to get underground wi-fi access as part of an MTA partnership. Currently, wi-fi access is only available at a few scattered stations in the city. In the next phase, which Transit Wireless expects to finish by early December, with some stations coming online as early as October, the company will outfit the 1/2/3 lines between 59th Street and 96th Street and the B/C lines between 59th and 96th with wireless access.” You’ll have access in the station and while the train rolls through the station. All stations are expected to be wired by 2018 at the latest. (DNAinfo)

The City Planning Commission voted on Tuesday to approve the first part of the Riverside-West End Avenue historic district extension that we wrote about here.

A cab hit some scaffolding on Amsterdam Avenue and 106th Street Tuesday afternoon, and one person suffered a minor injury. The cabbie said he got hit by a van. (DNAinfo and Fox 5)

Kid art by PS 9 students on 84th Street receives a mixed review from some grouchy guy. (NY Times)

A tour of ABC’s new Upper West Side studios. (MediaBistro)

School lunches are leaner now, but are they too lean? (NY Times)

Manhattan’s “best” drinking fountains. (Gothamist)

News from City Councilwoman Gale Brewer about public access to local playgrounds while the Tecumseh Playground on 77th and Amsterdam is being renovated: “The Department of Education has made arrangements for the public to use the O’Shea Complex/MS44 schoolyard at the corner of West 77th Street and Columbus Avenue on Saturdays and school holidays, starting Saturday, September 1, 2012…until Tecumseh is completed.”

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    1. Cato says:

      Wi-Fi on the subways! What a great idea!

      Now maybe a seat or two at Starbucks will be freed up from time to time.

      Oh, wait — those folks don’t descend into the Tunnels of Hell….. Could we arrange to put Wi-Fi into the taxicabs?? I would *so* love to be able to sit down to a cup of coffee…..

    2. Upper West Side Wally says:

      WiFi on subway stations? O joy! Now we can all wait for those holding the train doors until they are done fiddlefaddling with their text messages… .