Some dogs just have that special glow, that star quality achieved by every member of the Kardashian family but by few others.

Beefy is one of those dogs.

Beefy the skateboarding dog of West 94th Street was one of the stars of a show on CBS called “Dogs in the City” that will air this Sunday at 8 p.m.

Like any diva, “he basically thinks he runs the show,” Beefy’s owner Patrick Clemens says on the show.

As we wrote in an article a few months ago, Clemens taught him to skateboard after seeing a dog skateboard on TV. The trick tends to turn heads when Beefy rolls around Central Park and Riverside Park — and it clearly caught the eye of the producers at CBS. Parts of the show were shot in Riverside Park around 108th Street, Clemens tells us. Check out the show this weekend or watch it on the CBS website, and catch a deleted scene and a video of Beefy skateboarding below:

beefy the bulldog. from Rebecca Baust on Vimeo.

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    1. Sasha says:

      You have to see this, show Marc and Baxter too!!

    2. Nancy says:

      I’ve spotted Beefy on his skateboard as he made his way down Columbus Avenue. Look forward to seeing him on TV