Beefy the Upper West Side bulldog is either a testament to the marvelous talents of dogs, or the deep psychosis of dog owners. Local blogger Rebecca Baust videotaped Beefy skateboarding in Central Park around 96th Street and sent us the video (below). In addition, Beefy’s owner Patrick Clemens created a compilation video that is truly inspiring if you are a dog, and slightly dispiriting if you are a human who was never coordinated enough to skateboard.

Apparently, Clemens saw a dog skateboarding in a commercial, and figured he’d see if Beefy could replicate the trick. Well, Beefy took to it almost immediately, and now Clemens is trying to cash in: he told the Daily News in April, back when he lived in Queens, that he was bringing Beefy around to modeling agencies.

Beefy also has his own web page and twitter feed where he says things like “Beefy is watching the royal wedding! Not sure what to think?” He also apparently likes to skateboard at the 108th Street skate park.

Check out the videos below.

beefy the bulldog. from Rebecca Baust on Vimeo.

Image of Beefy via his twitter feed.

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