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A woman named Jen Rubin is looking for Upper West Side old-timers (not old people per se) to help her find out more about the neighborhood and a store her family owned: “My name is Jen Rubin and I am researching a book about RCI and the changes it and 98th and Broadway have gone through since the 1930’s.  My grandfather and then father owned RCI, a small appliance store on 98th and Broadway for many decades. RCI opened in 1934 as Radio Clinic when my grandfather sat in the window and fixed sick radios and evolved into an appliance store as the times and consumer preferences changed. RCI will be the anchor of the book as I tell the story of how small businesses have changed, the neighborhood has changed and the role of the city in these changes – both good and bad. I would love to hear from folks that have lived in the neighborhood and can talk about the changes in the neighborhood stores, changes in the people who lived in the neighborhood and changes in city investment over the decades.  It would also be great to hear from folks that have shopped at RCI anytime between 1934 and 2007 when my dad retired.” You can reach her at

The Icelandic Film Festival at the Film Society of Lincoln Center starts tomorrow.

Police don’t think the attempted rape in Riverside Park on Friday is connected to a series of rapes in the park in 2010. (DNAinfo)

Occupy Wall Street’s “Spring Awakening” event in Central Park this past weekend drew hundreds of people and indicates that the movement may show more signs of life. (The Nation)

A review of new Vegan restaurant Candle Cafe West. (Choosing Raw)

Students of deceased LaGuardia High School teacher want to honor her with an art project. (DNAinfo)

A nice essay about being young and making mischief in Central Park in the 70’s and 80’s. (New York Review of Books)

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