Frank Bruni, the masterful New York Times food writer (and now columnist), recently shared his favorite local eating spots with food website Serious Eats. Although he regularly ate at the finest restaurants in New York and the world for years, his normal eating routine in the neighborhood is surprisingly…normal. In fact, Bruni (who has written whole books about struggling with his weight) is kind of ashamed of some of his eating habits.

“I’m not proud of some of these habits but, hey, it’s real life, real eating. And herein are a few heartfelt and serious recommendations,” he wrote on his facebook page.

Bruni eats burgers at Shake Shack, bagels at 72nd Street Bagel, and drinks wine at the Tangled Vine on 81st.  For sandwiches, Bruni likes to go to Levain and grab a rare roast beef with horseradish on fluffy white bread, or hit Cafe Luxembourg for the chicken salad sandwich. His favorite dive bar is Emerald Inn, and his absolute favorite restaurant is Fatty Crab on 76th and Broadway — sliders!

For the full list, and a map, check out Serious Eats.

Fatty Crab slider image by Roboppy.

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    1. Rob Breen says:

      ….so-so columnist? A bit of editorialising here that I have to disagree with. Avoid the judgement, keep to the story line and don’t alienate the reader.

    2. rey says:

      People like to eat what they liked to eat in the old neighborhood at age 6-8! Mom may have covered it with gravy, but you still love it!