Three sources confirm: this bronze raven sculpture in front of the subway station on 72nd Street and Broadway was facing in the other direction as of last week.

Someone — probably young, drunk and strong — managed to flip it around (it is not light).

Please sir or madam, do not do this again. It is messing with our collective heads.

That said, I personally am really enjoying all of these Peter Woytuk sculptures near subway stations on Broadway. Does everyone else like them?

Thanks to Robin for the tip.


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    1. 102415 says:

      I really like these sculptures. Thanks for showing them.
      I do think that it makes more sense for the bird to be flying away with the acorn when you see someone sitting there. Maybe drunk young strong and arty?

    2. dm says:

      they arent my fav public art works, but I like eye candy and change in scenery