The photo above is another gem from Upper West Sider Michael Huitt. Check out other shots he’s allowed us to post here and here, and go to his website for more of his work.

By Maria Gorshin

It’s another dirty and gritty August in the city, the right time for obscure facts about NYC H2O and our city’s iconic water towers. The towers hold a special place in the hearts of many New Yorkers. Maybe it’s a fetish for industrial architecture, or a longing for a time when structures were both beautiful and useful.

For more on the engineering behind water towers, see How Stuff Works.

Maria Gorshin, who runs the blog City Girl Writes, is a West Side Rag columnist and native Upper West Sider.

    1. Susan Varo says:

      Dear Maria, I came across your site in search of remaining visible water towers in New York. I am a visual artist and I’m currently creating oil paintings featuring New York’s landmark water towers. I was wondering if you would know some of the locations of some of them within the boroughs as I’ve seen many along the west side between 52nd and 57th Streets. I am a Queens resident and I’ve seen the metal tanks in Jamaica and there used to be a big checkerboard one but I don’t know if it still exists. Lately, they appear more like silohs. I would love to view as many as possible before they are enclosed or their views are obscured by construction. Whatever information you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Susan Varo

      • Dear Susan, I was wondering if you ever received any addresses of particularly charming water towers.
        Thanks from a fellow artist, in Canada, David W. Jones.