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As we get in to the fifth decade and beyond, it’s inevitable we’re going to encounter some aches and pains.

Some of these aches and pains will come from a recent injury, past injury that might not have healed properly or maybe you didn’t fully recover and sometimes, good old fashion arthritis might be the culprit.

In the majority of cases, aches and pains can be attributed to inactivity, overuse, poor fitness programming, bad posture and sitting too much, which is a form of inactivity or even going to your gym and SITTING while using the machines. Why would you go the gym and sit- when we spend too much sitting in general!

All of these things can cause muscular imbalances. Muscular imbalances are when certain muscles are tight and other muscles are weak. When this happens, it can affect our posture, the way we move and the way we perform typical gym exercises.

I will give you one example. Let’s say you’re going to perform a squat. If your ankle and buttock muscles are weak and your inner thighs/calf muscles are tight, it can force your ankle to collapse inwards and your knees to buckle inwards toward the midline. This can cause not only foot, ankle and knee problems, but can affect your hips and low back too!

At Silver Stars, we are specifically trained to identify these imbalances and work with clients that have various orthopedic concerns.

The Silver Stars post- rehabilitation program is a private training program that is best suited for someone that has been discharged from physical therapy and wants to continue to build strength and flexibility, but also wants to transition to a well- rounded fitness program.  This program could also be for someone that might not need physical therapy but wants to focus on a specific area of the body or even improve balance to prevent a fall.

The Silver Stars small group training program mimics personal training but in a small group of three to seven people. This small group allows us to adjust and modify certain movements if one has an orthopedic concern.

The Fit For Life personal training program and the Fit For Life small group training program focuses and can help you burn calories, lose weight, increase energy, improve your balance, posture, overall strength, flexibility and of course, move, feel & look better!

Once you become a member/client, you’ll be part of our community and you’ll receive daily fit tips, weekly check-ins, an in- home program and a free 60 minute nutrition consultation with our nutrition coach/personal chef.

If you’re serious about accomplishing a goal and want to improve your health and fitness in 2022, contact us to schedule your free consultation.

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