Brewer and Levine Will Present Their Agendas and Answer Questions at Community Forum on Tuesday

By Carol Tannenhauser

Gale Brewer, our new (and former) City Council member is already generating controversy with her recent attack on rapid-delivery apps. What is her take on Covid rules, homelessness, schooling, crime, and other issues confronting the neighborhood?

Find out on Tuesday, January 18, when she and Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine (funny how their titles were just reversed!) will appear at a virtual forum presented by the UWS Coalition of Block Associations and Community Groups (UWS Coalition). City Council Member Shaun Abreu, representing District 7, which includes Manhattan Valley, is also a potential panelist.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022
Time: 6:30-7:30 PM
Meeting Link: YouTube live stream @ (Advance registration is not required)

To submit a question for Brewer, Levine, or Abreu, send an email to upperwestside The questions will be shared with the panelists in advance of the event, and those attending via the YouTube livestream can submit questions during the meeting using the chat room feature.

The UWS Coalition is one of the positive outcomes of the pandemic, formed in the spring of 2021 to support and connect the many existing block associations and community groups on the Upper West Side, and to foster the creation and success of new ones. This is the first in 2022 of a series of monthly forums that will be presented by the Coalition. February’s forum will feature local New York State elected officials.

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    1. Leon says:

      Quality of life issues related to crime is what keeps everyone I speak to up at night. Both major crimes and smaller crimes – all crime is a big problem. We need adequate police staffing and they need to be able to arrest and more importantly sentence those who are guilty, particularly those who are guilty of major crimes and repeat offenders of smaller crimes.

      And get the word out that this is a priority so those who are considering committing these crimes know there will be consequences.

      • C. Kerr Uvtrooth says:

        “Those who are committing these crimes” DO know ONE important thing: NYC has gone soft-on-crime!
        Proof? How about these headlines:
        1.”Catch and release: 250 inmates freed from Rikers re-arrested ….”
        2. “Shea: Bail reforms have NYPD ‘chasing our tail’
        3. “New York man arrested 3 times in 1 day; police say bail …”
        4. “New York City starts year with spike in shootings, major crimes; NYPD, critics blame bail reform”

      • Leon says:

        And let me add that we need to devote additional resources to those who cannot take care of themselves. Letting them rot in the street and giving them the occasional sweater or snack so we can feel good about ourselves is not the answer and does not help them.

        They need help. This should be something done in partnership with the state and federal government and not just New York City’s issue.

      • Claire says:

        Quality of life policing killed Eric Garner.

        • Just the facts, Ma'am says:

          Mr. Garner was killed (in a choke-hold, similar to that which would take George Floyd’s life six years later) by Officer Daniel Pantaleo, an overly-aggressive police officer (cf Wikipedia) whose long record of similar abuses should have warranted earlier disciplining by his superiors.
          After years of hearings, Pantaleo was fired in 2019, six years after Mr. Garner’s murder.
          The current NYPD numbers some 35,000 officers. Pantaleo represented .0000285 of that force.

    2. Tom Belacourt says:

      We need to uphold our neighborhood values by creating a welcome environment for the less fortunate, those who are without homes, burdened by substance addictions,recently decarcerated, waste recycling, and abused women. There are many properties in our area useful for converting to these purposes and we should make sure we get and do our fair share.

      • Peter says:

        Give us a couple of examples of these suitable properties whose owners made it clear that’s their preferred use? It’s really nice to talk about “values” when what you’re offering is to “get out there and do your fair share” but what you demand of someone else is a multi-million dollar property.

      • Rob G. says:

        Um, have you looked around? We have more of this housing than any other neighborhood and it’s taken its toll on our quality of life. Unfortunately, both Brewer and Levine have been instrumental in letting this happen on their watch. It’s for some other neighborhoods to kick in already.

    3. C.J. says:

      I agree with Leon

    4. Jill Herman says:

      I am concerned about all the scaffolding left up for years. The scaffolding had been in place at Stryker Bay- 93-94 streets for over 4 years.
      The scaffolding that is on 94th and Amsterdam wrapping around to Amsterdam where soccer store used to be is filthy and full of garbage.
      When will something be done about this?

    5. Eleanor Seepes says:

      Can our district place large-size composting bins on every-other corner along Columbus Avenue? Nor super large, but larger than the personal-size bins seen at private home frontage.

    6. james Boyd says:

      question for Brewer, Levine:
      Citizens have been fighting to close the W.30th St VIP Heliport for 20 years. The Manhattan Borough President appoints three Board members to the Hudson River Park Trust which owns and leases the heliport for the exclusive use of Wealth the expense of New Yorkers’ health and safety.
      The ‘Trust’ will not ‘entertain questions or comments’ from the Public on this or any issue. We ask that the Borough President tell their appointees on the Board to hold open public forums until the Heliport is closed as mandated by the 2008 NY Supreme CT Settlement ordering them to do so by 2014. Direct public talks, not through CB4.
      Brewer’s ‘Helicopter Task Force’ has not required the Trust to honor its own Code of Ethics vow of transparency on this issue. Despite its dodging, the Trust truly has the administrative power to close that illegal heliport. Twenty years is enough stonewalling.Will the President make this dialogue happen?-Best, James Boyd

      • Kathleen says:

        Thank you, Mr. Boyd. My question is now that Cuomo is gone, can New Yorkers AT LAST and FINALLY be rid of the Hudson heliport, excepting for emergencies. Can we count on Governor Hochul for this?