Bed Bath & Beyond Spinoff to Close

Another large chain store is on the way out. Home goods and beauty store Face Values and Beyond at 2431 Broadway near 90th Street is closing in late February, and the company is having a storewide sale. Face Values is part of the Bed Bath & Beyond chain.

“Many of us  suspected this might happen once Harmon Face Values opened on Broadway and 77th street,” wrote our tipster Robin. “Too bad, we will miss the store, it was a great resource for so many items at fair prices. Not looking forward to another empty store front in the neighborhood.”

A manager said the store would close for good on February 26.

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    1. UWS Dad says:

      Sad. They were the only place which had hand sanitizer in March 2020.

      • Paul says:

        They may not have been the only place, but they were impeccably honest and did not gouge.

        We’re supposed to buy “local” and not from the chains, but this store stood out in not gouging for hand sanitizer, gloves, and sanitizing cleaning products and you cannot say the same for some of the local stores.

    2. MF says:

      I could have told you that the moment it opened! Too big, much too big a store for this area. Was great to have it here, but knew it would eventually be gone, especially with the pandemic keeping people like me out of stores.

    3. Lauren says:

      I’m so depressed about this. I love this store.

    4. MF says:

      An accident waiting to happen! I could have told you that the moment it opened! Too big, much too big a store for this area. Was great to have it here, but knew it would eventually be gone, especially with the pandemic keeping people like me out of stores.

    5. Nora says:

      Was just in the store today and found many of the shelves completely empty -especially paper goods. This store will be missed.

    6. Delores Del Rio says:

      I absolutely adore this store! So sad to learn of its imminent closure.

    7. Michael U says:

      There is another smaller one of these BB&B satellite store Broadway 77-76 streets in the Belleview Hotel lobby.

    8. The employees are, were, excellent as well. Very sad… I hope BBBY treats them well… but somehow I doubt it.

      I don’t know how much longer BBBY itself will last… they’re already a shadow of their former selves.

      • Gilligan says:

        Why do you think Bed Bath and Beyond treats them badly? Do you have any reason to believe that to be true? Or is it because you suspect big bad corporations of cruelty and evil?

        If the employees are being treated badly, they would leave and get another job – there are plenty of good retail jobs out there. So my hunch is that they are treated well enough to stay employed there.

    9. Larry K says:

      Bad decision by management!! The Harmon store on 77th is horrible. Not set up as a customer friendly store and employees are not nice. Too bad!!

      • carzz says:

        What?! I’ve had the opposite experience — it’s a pleasure to shop at that location.

        • Sue says:

          The 77th Street location does not accept the BB&B membership program despite the sign reading “a member of the BB&B family” A few times employees have let me use it when I showed them my app. They said they lose a lot of sales that way. The best employee there is an older security guard who knows where everything is and is very helpful. I’ll miss 90th tho as 77th doesn’t sell home goods.

    10. Janis says:

      Was there yesterday, and sad to see it go. I’m sitting on about fifty 20% discount coupons which I will have to use at the BB&B store further down on Broadway in the 60’s.

      I told our doorman that for Christmas all the building employess would be getting BB&B coupons instead of cash.
      Thankfully, our building employees have great senses of huImor.

      I wonder what will going into that space. I’d love to see a supermarket like Aldi’s.

    11. Anonymous says:

      Oh nooo! This is a great store! The toiletries are cheaper than a lot of other places, plus you can grab household essentials like towels and kitchen stuff.

      • Sue says:

        If you join the BB&B membership rewards program, you get 20% off anything and free shipping. You can order 1 toothbrush. Or one package of Q-Tips. It costs $28 for the year. (Sometimes they have promos where you get the $28 back in store credit – but I had to fight to get it back, Not always thrilled with customer service. Having said all that, I will miss 90th St.. I do not like the Lincoln Center location at all!

    12. Laurem says:

      On the other hand, Hamon on 77 and Broadway is a great store, clean, well lit and stocked with brand items I stead of the copy cats like cvs etc. Prices are competitive. It is a small jewel hidden under scaffolding . We better support it before it disappears as well. (I don’t own any interest in the store except wanting to keep a nice store open in the neighborhood! )

    13. Bronx Boy says:

      They have a regular Bed Bath & Beyond at 65th Street (right by the train) that’s pretty awesome. I make it a point to patronize them when I can because I like having it in the ‘hood.

    14. Alex says:

      maybe a supermarket will make a return to this spot as there always was before BB&B leased it.

      • Paul on W 67 says:

        I keep hoping Wegmans opens in either the former Food Emporium / Lowe’s space or the former Barnes & Noble / Century 21 space. Astor Place is getting a Wegmans and we really need a decent supermarket somewhere between Whole Foods and Fairway.

    15. UWSmama says:

      That store was extremely convenient. It has better selection than Harmon Face Values, CVS, and Duane Reade. It is not overwhelming and pointless like Bed Bath and Beyond by Lincoln Center. Prices are reasonable and more so with Bed Bath and Beyond Perks. That store is the only reason I bought that membership. BBBY are you listening to your customers?

    16. ED says:

      I loved this place. It was a great place to stock up on toiletries and cleaning supplies. Am very sorry to see it go.

    17. UWSmaven says:

      Loved that you could get many things there — towels, brita filters, sodastream tanks, kitchen supplies– without braving the crowds at Bed Bath and Beyond, and use their coupons as well. Sad that these big box stores and chains forced out places like PriceWise, and then disappear. Yet another huge empty space on Broadway!

    18. Carol says:

      PLEASE let a supermarket come in once again! PLEASE, Thank you,Carol

    19. Samantha Schneider says:

      Wow, this is a loss for the neighborhood. They replaced the DR that closed in 2019 and had everything…not to mention accepted the 20% members discount.

    20. Lynn says:

      I like BBB too, but they have always pulled a kind of bait and switch. I signed up a few years ago for Beyond +. It’s one of the great deals. For $29/year, you get 20% off your entire purchase every time. BUT, you only get the discount on toiletries if Harmon is part of the larger BBB store If it’s a separate store, as it is at 77th street, you don’t. I signed up for Beyond + largely for the toiletries. I’ve written letters to BBB senior management, but they’ve never responded.

      • Sue says:

        I’ve had nothing but problems with their customer service. I didn’t even bother contacting them about the membership issue (crazy that 77th won’t take it!) because they’ve not responded to more pressing matters in the past.

        • nemo paradise says:

          Trying to imagine what sort of things could on at a BB&B shop that would qualify as “pressing matters.”

    21. Chris Jones says:

      Oh no. This is a great store and a major asset to the neighborhood. In fact it’s the only worthwhile addition in several years. Great selection, fair prices, not too crowded. I went there all the time. Now all that’s left is the awful CVS and I’ve heard that’s in danger as well. The UWS has become an inconvenient place to live

      • Jojo says:

        So inconvenient on the UWS. A pharmacy on nearly every corner for toiletries, or venture ALL the way to Target on 97th st if you want cheaper. Or better yet, the half dozen storefronts that deliver goods to you in u Der 20 min.

    22. Bed Bath is closing 200 stores at this point acrosst the country! They r having financial issues!

    23. Charles says:

      I Loved that store, so much cheaper than others in the neighborhood.
      think Barnes & Noble is next. Always empty.

    24. Jay says:

      Too bad, that store was/is much better run than the Lincoln Square Bed Bath and Beyond.

    25. Bruce Rosen says:

      Harmon Face Values is part of Bed Bath & Beyond.

    26. Elizabeth says:

      Oh no!! This is disappointing news. I loved the convenience of the location as it’s in walking distance and saved me many a trip to the BBB at 65th St. And the selection of items was quite good. I’d go in for one or two things and come out with two shopping bags. I’ve been to the 77th St. store, which is no great shakes, but better than none.

    27. Glen says:

      A real loss. It is the closest thing we have to a Five & Dime in the neighborhood. Now it will likely take its place as another vacant storefront on Broadway.

    28. Sonia says:

      Unfortunately there were many people blatantly stealing from this store. Just walking out with stolen items. My husband and I spoke with the store management who said there was nothing they could do until they left the store. The police did nothing to arrest the thieves. The same theft was going on in Duane Reed on 88th and B’dway.

      • Peter says:

        Did you vote for the new District attorney? Its amazing how people dont understand the ramifications of theirvotes. Shoplifting, trespassing,shooting up, turnstile jumping, theft arent being prosecuted. People voted for and support the politicians who implemented these policies. Then they wonder why the police aren’t more aggressive.

        • chrigid says:

          the new district attorney has been in office for two weeks; the thefts have been going on at big boxes for several years.

    29. Sharon S says:

      That was a better store than the other on 77th.
      Larger store on 2 levels. Had good prices and products
      not available at 77th

    30. Janet W. says:

      Sorry it’s leaving us. The signage says, “Entire store on sale.” I found many items NOT on sale: food, cakes, candies, beverages, nuts – all the good edible stuff.

      I too will miss FV. Too bad you’re going.

    31. DJ Shopper says:

      I’m devastated to hear the news. Face Values was a lifeline during the height of the pandemic. I’ve shopped there ever since they opened. Harmon cannot compare to this store. Face Values had it all.

    32. Kim says:

      No!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this store. The prices are absolutely the best in the neighborhood and it is close by and didn’t require a bus or subway ride to get to. Drat it all. I was afraid this was going to happen. The stock has been slowly disappearing and it wasn’t getting restocked.

    33. Diane says:

      What city???

    34. JC says:

      I miss Food Emporium taking the elevator down to the snacks and live lobster. 🙂

    35. Ian Alterman says:

      A SMALL list of things I’ve gotten at FVB: toilet paper, paper towlels, bedroom slippers, desk lamps, humidifier filters, Lysol wipes, tooth whitener (cheaper than anywhere else I found), kitchen gadgets, cookies, candy, hand and foot warmers (the only place that had them during the winter of 2018).

    36. Frances Aronson says:

      Noooo–I love this store! They are well stocked and carry things the other stores run out of.

    37. Cpaesq2010 says:

      too bad, seemed very busy so I am guessing lease too expensive? So many amazon boxes on my lobby…..

    38. Cathy says:

      Harmon – West 77th!
      Super nice employees and an unbelievable selection. I also go there to buy the candy😊

    39. joe_the_accountant says:

      Hopefully the rampant theft problem with no threat of prosecution doesn’t drive more stores out of business.

    40. Kim says:

      Just a note: Target prices are not that great either. If you compare to what you can get at Face Value with the membership discount Target is way way more expensive.

    41. GG says:

      Face Values will be a loss for our shrinking neighborhood. Nothing is left…scary times.

    42. Larry Russell says:

      What we really need is a supermarket, but I doubt that will ever happen anytime soon.

    43. J.L. Rivers says:

      I can’t believe they’re closing. But at the same time it is not difficult to understand considering what the company has been facing in the last few quarters.
      I used to walk in there just to remember what I needed to buy, plus a few things I surely didn’t need. They will be missed.

    44. Val says:

      Very sad to hear this and my dog will be disappointed too. Only place we could go shopping together. They offered dog biscuits for canine customers. 🐶

    45. Lauren Roth says:

      As a regular shopper, every few days, I was shocked to see the signs posted in the store. I mentioned my surprise and dismay to a member of the staff and asked when they found out it was closing. He said they found out the same way shoppers did: coming to the store and witnessing the sale signs. An abysmal way to treat staff if you ask me.