Openings & Closings: Banana Republic, Le Pain Quotidien, Dr. Brilliant, Big Bag, Amsterdam Market Place

Le Pain Quotidien is now open at 76th Street and Broadway, the former home of Maison Kayser. Thanks to Keith for the tip.

Banana Republic is closing its location at 67th Street and Broadway that’s been around for decades at the end of July, a salesperson said. There’s a going out of business sale.


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A vet called Dr. Brilliant is coming to 641 Amsterdam Ave (91st. street), the former home of Chocolate Works.

Big Bag, which sells bags and accessories, is now located at 134 West 72nd Street, between Amsterdam and Columbus Ave (in between Friedmans and Pastrami Queen).

Amsterdam Market Place just opened on 79th and Amsterdam, in the former home of another deli. Tipster Eric says it’s “clean, well-stocked, and the personnel incredibly friendly. They have an extensive menu that does not seem exorbitant. It is nice to have a place to grab a freshly prepared sandwich or that one item you may have forgotten to prepare dinner, without having to traipse down to Fairway,” Eric tells us. Another fan also wrote in. “I’m most impressed by their selection of bottled beverages and snacks,” Joel wrote. “Tons of unique beverages including hemp/CBD infused and some low-sugar options. Lots of international snacks too. Less emphasis on grocery items, but there are lots of places to get that nearby.” Thanks to Eric and Joel for the tips.

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    1. Where can you get groceries nearby? There are no groceries other than Fairway(?)from the 70’s to 97th St. on Broadway. It creates a real hardship for those of us living in that area-especially on Riverside Drive and West End Ave. There are little markets but nothing until Columbus the 80’s. Can’t we convince one chain supermarket to open on Broadway in the 80’s?

      • Mark P says:

        Agreed. The departure of West Side Market from W 77 continues to annoy. At least Harmon Face Values is a nice addition – but vs CVS and Duane Reade, not Fairway. Pioneer and Gristedes are overpriced and Zingone Bros is too small.

      • Wijmlet says:

        Hardship? joke?

        • Eric says:

          Yes, for people with limited time due to excessive work schedules, parents with small children at home (sans nanny – they do exist), and older adults with mobility problems, it is a hardship to schlep many blocks and yes, a hardship.

          • Carlos says:

            Then use FreshDirect and stop complaining. When we had very busy work schedules and little kids we switched to FreshDirect and it made our lives a lot easier.

            Is it perfect? No. But it is pretty good. Life is about tradeoffs, and sometimes “good enough” has to suffice.

            People on the UWS love to complain about how busy they are. Spend less time complaining and you will have more time for the things you are allegedly too busy to do.

            • seekerG says:

              Carlos, a lot of people prefer to see and pick their own produce, not have an unknown employee uncaringly choose their food. Delivered food may work for you but not for everyone. Let people air their thoughts and stop telling others how to live.

            • Carlos says:

              We have to make choices in life. If you want to spend the time picking that oh-so-perfect tomato, then you will have to sacrifice doing something else. Or work less hours. Or consider the time involved in raising children before having them.

              Perhaps if people spent less time posting their complaints online they would have more time for the activities they allegedly don’t have time for.

              This is why the Republicans and the rest of America hate us.

      • UWS78 says:

        There is Trader Joe’s, Pioneer, Citarella, Zabars, Gristedes, Trader Joe’s again, and Whole Foods from the 70s-90s. And smaller places like Broadway Farm. It’s frankly probably the most grocery store-rich stretch in Manhattan.

      • George says:

        Broadway could use something like a Fairway or Whole Foods in the 80s, but there are a handful of options when you need something:

        Trader Joe’s at 72nd & Broadway
        Fairway at 74th & Broadway
        Citarella at 75th & Broadway
        Zabar’s at 80th & Broadway
        Broadway Farm at 85th & Broadway
        Gary Null’s at 89th & Broadway
        Barzini’s at 91st & Broadway

        • Grocery Mile says:

          5th avenue on UES, we call Museum Mile.
          Broadway on UWS, shall we call Grocery Mile?
          We decorate our street with delicious foods, celebrate at harvest.

      • Carlos says:

        Any addition to the many noted by others, there is also Key Food at 86 and Amsterdam (a very short block from Broadway) and Gristedes at 84 and Columbus (if you live in the mid-80s it is closer to walk to 84 and Columbus than 89 and Broadway). Neither is glamorous but they are perfectly adequate and are fairly large.

        Also, you can use Fresh Direct or another delivery service. They have fairly reasonable prices, large selections and are very convenient.

        I wish I had your hardships.

      • ben says:

        It’d be easier to just move than to try to convince chain supermarkets to open where you want them.

      • LL says:

        There used to be Gristedes on 86th and Broadway, Red Apple on 88th and Broadway,Food Emporium on 90st and Broadway, Key Food on 92nd, I think, and Broadway, and Gristedes on 96th Broadway. I believe the 86th street Gristedes closed last. I think Barzinis is fine.

        • davidaron60 says:

          True. Thank goodness we have fresh fruit and produce street vendors to pick up some of the slack in spots. They are also usually well placed.

      • Jay says:

        Desperate Housewife:

        There’s a big grocery store in the 80s on the west side of Broadway. It’s been there for years, admittedly I don’t shop there. There’s Barzini’s at 90th. There’s a basement Gristede’s on 86th at Broadway.

        You don’t seem very familiar with Broadway grocery stores.

        • Todd says:

          …nor do you @Jay! The basement Gristedes at 86th and Broadway closed at least 2 years ago.

        • Eric says:

          Dear Jay – I believe it is you who needs to familiarize yourself with Broadway grocery stores…Gristedes at 86 and Broadway closed 2 years ago.

          • Jay says:

            Eric & Todd,

            So because the Gristede’s store sign is up, I acknowledged that I don’t shop there, and I assumed the store open, my entire list of grocery stores on Broadway between the 70s and low 90s is a list by someone unfamiliar with grocery stores on Broadway between those streets. /s

            It’s utter nonsense that you can’t see why Desperate Housewife is unfamiliar with grocery shopping opportunities on that part of Broadway.

            Both of you would be on much firmer ground had you simply said: “Hey Jay, not that you shop there, but Gristede’s (not a very good supermarket chain) closed the West 86th street location, however you have a point with the rest of your list.”

            But you didn’t say anything of the sort, instead pretending that one error of mine about a store that’s not respected and I personally don’t shop at means I couldn’t know of what I write. Good jobs. /s Solid “reasoning” by the both of you.

            • LL says:

              Jay, you have a point about Barzinis. That is it. There used to be two large grocery stores in the upper 80s. Both are long gone..unless you are thinking of Broadway Farm on 84th st.

      • Miranda Smith says:

        What about opening a Whole Foods between Columbus Circle and 99th St?? This area is missing a real Supermarket and there are some large vacant spaces!

        • Jay says:


          There’s a Whole Foods on Columbus at approximately 94th.

          • MaryC says:

            Whole Foods is at 97th not 94th.

            These arguments are ridiculous. Everyone’s needs and preferences are different. Although it’s not a hardship for everyone it’s annoying that there aren’t as many supermarkets as the neighborhood could support. Other grocery stores mentioned are not supermarkets with good selection and better prices.
            Barzini’s for example has interesting stuff, but not always the basics. It’s a real maze in there and what’s with the crazy pricing like ice cream 1 for 7.99, 2 for 11.99, three for 16.99?

      • Melinda Smith says:

        AGREE !!!!

      • Jacob B says:

        I’m always surprised that Jubilee is not mentioned. Just a couple blocks below Trader Joe’s on Freedom Place, it’s nearly always empty and has pretty impressive organics and frozen sections. I have literally never seen a human being standing at- or behind- the prepared foods counter (are those cutlets props? I’m not sure.), but it’s the only place in the neighborhood that carries Sweet Baby Ray’s Buffalo dressing, and that stuff makes a dope salad.

      • Antonia says:

        What about Key Foods On Amsterdam between 85th and 86th? Not exciting, but all the basics and excellent sales.

      • Andres says:

        Better yet, why not organize a community Co-op market!!!

      • Fred DuBose says:

        There’s a Key Food on Amsterdam on the west side between 85th & 86th. And on Columbus at 74th is a Pioneer, an eyesore on the outside but now so upscale indoors it’s hardly affordable for lots of us.

    2. Naomi Sheiner says:

      I was also impressed by cleanliness, friendly clerk, variety of items. Definitely an addition to our immediate upper West 70’s neighborhood.

      • Juan says:

        Is Amsterdam Market Place significantly different from what was previously there? These glowing recommendations sound like they come from people with a vested interest in its success. What was there was perfectly adequate but nothing extraordinary.

        • Edith says:

          @Juan – I was there yesterday and would say there are both differences and similarities with what was there before. It seems to aim at a hipper segment – interesting cold drinks, healthy(ish) snacks, and a more extensive sandwich and pasta menu, with a smaller groceries selection than before as a result probably.

          It looked good. The one thing I’ll say is I hope they’ll add visible pricing to more items. Pricing at the counter is clear, but for the items in the store it’s a bit hit or miss.

          Also, add half & half to the (otherwise very extensive) dairy & dairy-like products selection?

          • Andrew A. says:

            Good point and I feel the same. I was interested in some of their unusual and unmarked snacks but didn’t want to scuttle back to something on a shelf if learning the price is unacceptably high.

        • Eric says:

          My investment is that I live on the block and have for over 40 years. I try to promote local businesses that deserve support.

    3. Jonas says:

      Le Pain Quotidien on 76th and Broadway – commonly known as the former site of Niko’s… those were the days..

    4. lucy says:

      Does anyone know if LPQ is serving those amazing baguettes which Maison Kayser used to sell?

      • Gena Reisner says:

        No. They are not making the wonderful Maison Kayser baguette. They decided against using that recipe, one manager there told me, and said that their bread uses only four ingredients, all organic. I didn’t like it.

    5. Glen says:

      Any word on Brooklyn Fare in the old Western Beef space on WEA? I’ve walked by it several times and renovations seem to have ground to a halt.

    6. mh says:

      Is the Banana Republic on 86th Street/Broadway going to remain open?
      I will miss the 67th Street one, and still miss the Barnes & Noble that was next to it.

      • cpwpj says:

        The 86th/Bway version closed a couple of years ago.

      • lynn says:

        I thought the BR on 86th closed 2-3 years ago. When did they reopen? Maybe I’m confusing BR with something else.

      • MaryC says:

        The BR on 87th has been closed for a while. Even before COVID the market for that kind of dressier work clothes has gone down and their weekend styles never really caught on.

      • Leon says:

        Both retail spots on the NW and NE corners of 86 and Broadway have been closed for ages. I have no idea what the plan is. I have heard mention of combining the one on the NW corner with the old Gristedes, but I’m not sure if that is actually possible. Both should be prime locations so I’m not sure what is happening.

      • Westender2020 says:

        The Banana Republic at 86/Broadway is long gone.

      • LL says:

        The Banana Republic was on the NE corner of Broadway and closed like 8 years ago and moved to the NW corner when the Gap closed. The NW location closed 3 years ago or so

    7. GFS says:

      Too bad about Banana Republic; that’s a big space, wonder what, if anything, will replace it.

    8. Park says:

      I would have thought that since the same company took control of both LPQ and US operations of Maison Kayser that they would have merged the best of the two business when locations reopened. Instead they took the superior of the two (Maison Kayser) and turned them into LPQ. Gone are the amazing breads, pastries, and grab and go salads and sandwiches (all of which sold out every day pre-covid, often before noon). LPQ is basically a step up from Au Bon Pain. Very disappointing.

      • MaryC says:

        Companies with separate brands rarely “merge the best of two businesses”
        I guess people here preferred Maison Kayser, but obviously that’s not how the company sees it.

      • UWS-er says:

        Try Mille-feuille, about a 7 second walk up the street.

      • AJK says:

        Yup! Maison Kayser WAS the choice of UWS neighbors who enjoyed a taste for the REAL continental breads, sandwiches, salads, et al that were available. RIP. LPQ is sadly more of a copy of what made MK special. BUT good news: To friends & neighbors who want a similar (perhaps even more spectacular French treat), try Mille-feuille — a block or so up Bdway. The selection is a bit smaller but OMG, its food – from quiche to croissants to elaborate pastries is exactly what I’ve been hoping our neighborhood would bless us with! ;-> (P.S. Mille-feuille amazingly stayed open during the Covid days, ensuring that customers followed every NYC health requirement. I hope that its efforts will be rewarded now by its neighbors who in the worst of times could STILL be cheered by daily offerings of fresh croissants, Quiche Lorraine, Monte Christo sandwiches and many other delicacies. They truly deserve our neighborly support. 😀

    9. Mark Moore says:

      Can we just declare 86th to 96th the veterinarian zone of NYC? It’s pet central. We even rescue injured squirrels and turtles.

      • Dave says:

        Too bad the vet can’t sell food for humans.

        Now there’s an idea – the vet can heal your pet while you shop for groceries.

        Any takers?

    10. ML says:

      Unrelated yet important: The NY Post reported that City Councilwoman Helen Rosenthal was driving while attending a virtual online meeting. In the video you can see she is driving while her eyes glance back & forth from the road to the camera while the car is in motion. This is unsafe driving and goes against efforts to reduce vehicle accidents. She already has a history of vehicle violations for unsafe driving. Please bring attention to this.

      • nemo paradise says:

        “And the Gretchen Whitmer Award for “Do As I Say, Not What I Do” Award goes to….”

      • Agnes Frank says:

        I would take anything posted in the Post with a grain of salt. It is the press organ of Murdoch and Company.

        • UWS-er says:

          The Post isn’t breaking the news. It was all over the place yesterday and they’re just picking it up.

        • LK says:

          Did you watch the video? As another, democratic councilman said, “Legislators are elected to represent their constituents at hearings, not drive around campaigning for themselves or others. This is a vital job, and we must take it seriously.” That is in addition to being a hazard on the road.

          • David says:

            Other UWS sites are reporting on this story. Presumably because it is relevant to UWSers. Why isn’t WSR reporting on this?

      • Christine E says:

        According to what I read elsewhere, her destination was 5 blocks away, and she was running late, so she chose to drive, because it would be faster than walking. This makes absolutely no sense to me or likely to anyone else on the UWS which she allegedly represents, unless she intended to park illegally (in addition to zooming illegally). Everyone knows you can drive around for an hour looking for a place to park. No one on UWS would give up a parking space to drive 5 blocks. They would walk or hop in a cab/uber or jump on a citibike if stations were nearby. Not drive! I am flabbergasted.

    11. Mark Moore says:

      BTw, tried Mamouns last week, had the West Village sandwich with falafel and babaganough and the falafel tastes just like the real deal from Macdougal Street downtown. Highly recommended.

    12. Jack wayse says:

      Like the new Amsterdam Market. Don’t like that they don’t put prices on their items or shelves. Arrive at the checkout with mystery-priced bottles and boxes. Please be upfront in pricing.

      • Duh says:

        Let them know that it’s required by local law to mark items with prices. We like new businesses to succeed and doing the right thing will help them in the long run.

    13. RV says:

      I always preferred maison kayser to la pain quotidien. I know they are both under the same ownership now so hopefully they can bring back those ham and cheese croissants that maison kayser made.

      • Be Realistic says:

        Please ask Gap to start carrying those Banana Republic sweaters I like since they are owned by tbe same company and Banana has closed the local locations.
        It doesn’t work that way, people!

    14. cb says:

      You don’t traipse on the upper West Side. You schlep

      • Lucy says:

        I tweeted LPQ usa about the baguettes. Maybe if they get enough feedback, they will reconsider. Also the former head baker of Maison Kayser is opening his own bakery but it is on the lower east side and still not open yet.

    15. UWSider says:

      Love Big Bag! I’m so glad they survived the pandemic. They have gorgeous bags, hats, etc.

    16. Tom B says:

      Just been to the new pain quotidien to give it a try, unfortunately the bakery, the pastries and the service are just average… I miss Kayser so much…