Welcome to the…Deutsche Bank Center?

Time Warner is no longer a top tenant at the Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle at 59th Street, so it’s time for a name change. Deutsche Bank is leasing more than 1 million square feet in the building, and thus….One Columbus Circle is now officially called the Deutsche Bank Center! The Shops at Columbus Circle mall is still there, don’t worry.

Related Companies put up the sign a few days ago:

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So, Upper West Siders, will you embrace the new name or are you just confused?

What will you call One Columbus Circle?

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    1. Bob says:

      Anyone who has ever visited the Sears Tower in Chicago knows how well this will go.

    2. Kim says:

      Heck, the Triborough Bridge is still the Triborough Bridge. What did they rename it again??? Then there is the Queensborough Bridge that they also renamed that I still call the Queensborough. So this? It will remain the Time Warner Center for me. Old habits ya know?

      • Leigh says:

        Ha! I’ve been in NY for almost 6 years (still a newb, I know), but I’ve literally never heard anyone call any of the sites you mentioned anything else! I had no idea they even had other names!

      • Phoebe says:

        Slow down, you move too fastI
        I still call it the 59th Street bridge, but no way will I get used to or condone the DBC! (Hey, that sounded a little catchy.) Hmm…

    3. nyc musician says:

      I’m sticking with the Coliseum

    4. rr.gross says:

      I will definitely call it the Deutsche Bank Center, simply because I love saying the word “Deutsche”.

    5. UWSider says:

      And the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel will always be just that!

    6. Sarah says:

      Money Laundertorium. I believe in financial regulation!

    7. Mark Moore says:

      So the Deutsche Bank center right across Columbus Circle from Trump International Hotel? Great.

      • Buzzny says:

        Yep, how apropos. So now we’ve come full money laundering full circle: Columbus, Trump and Deutsche Bank! Welcome to NY.

        • Under four eyes says:

          Deutsche Bank & Trump have been always together. They were at 40 & 60 Wall St in downtown. Trump borrowed from the bank in his earlier career. Not sure if he has paid back.

    8. Carlos says:

      The “We’re so Dumb we still lend to Donald Trump even though he finds ways to weasel out of all his loans and lies to us about the value of his properties” Center

    9. LesleyB says:

      I’ve always called it Columbus Circle. Happily they’re not changing that … er yet.

    10. Stu says:

      I love flying into Idlewild Airport…

    11. nycityny says:

      And 30 Rock is still the RCA Building to me.

    12. What's in a Name? says:

      None of the above. I call it “Whole Foods” — basically the only reason I go there.

    13. Badmorningbear says:

      Tappan Zee Bridge. Always and forever.

    14. Mike says:

      Tappan Zee Bridge

    15. West Ender says:

      Even old New York was once New Amsterdam!

    16. B.B. says:

      How the mighty have fallen….

      AOL Time Warner was supposed to be the next big tech/communications powerhouse. It didn’t work out that way.

      Warner Media (current name) is now part of AT&T


    17. B.B. says:

      Deutsche Bank announced long before covid pandemic hit they were looking to leave Wall Street. And not it seems they are doing just that.


      With both Citigroup and Deutsche Bank leaving Financial District it pretty much is he end of that area being center of finance for NYC.

      There are still banks and other finance related things down there, but Wall Street and surrounding area is nothing like it was late as 1980’s.

      Buildings like 40 Wall long since have converted to residential, or will. That or things will be torn down and new (usually residential) construction will replace.

      • Leon says:

        That article is two years old. Citi’s presence on Wall Street was minimal – their primary building is 388 Greenwich. They had a big presence in Long Island City which I believe they are phasing out, and they have/had various midtown locations such as 399 Park. I’m not sure what was at 111 Wall but it was not the big earning bankers and traders.

        DB was the only bank left on or close to Wall Street. Goldman, RBC and Citi are still “downtown” but a good distance away.

        • B.B. says:

          Yes, was aware article was dated, but it illustrated that DB had long planned to leave Wall Street, and now they have.

          Goldman is over on West Street, not far from WTC. CB is in Tribeca at 388 Greenwich Street, originally called the Shearson Lehman Plaza.

          CB left One Court Square (LIC) in early 2000’s selling the building in 2005. They spent barely twenty years there with building opening in 1990.

          CB and NYC tried for years to make LIC happen, and just when things finally are doing so, they packed up and moved. Truth is no one liked being out there, it was like Siberia compared to Tribeca or mid-town in Manhattan.

    18. Jack Davis says:

      Sketchiest bank since BCCI, the name is a blight on the neighborhood.

    19. Tina Pelikan says:

      Before the pandemic, I still went to concerts at Philharmonic Hall…

    20. Renie Reiss says:

      My forever names are Philharmonic Hall and State Theatre.

    21. Kathleen says:

      These comments make me smile.

    22. Hyperinflation says:

      Deutsche Bank Center sounds like Tax Office other than Stock Market or thrilling Investment. Good luck.

    23. Don says:

      Hey, talk about ancient history—I still think of it as 1 Gulf + Western Plaza!!!

    24. Randy Jay says:

      And I still call these Broadway theaters Alvin, Martin Beck, Uris, Plymouth and Royale!

    25. Mike says:

      How about One Columbus Circle, so when Deutsche Bank is no more we don’t have to ask this question again?

    26. ben says:

      Pretty sure I’ll continue referring it to as “that building in Columbus circle where Whole Foods is”.

    27. Phoebe says:

      Sometimes I call them the Mini Twin Towers. I can see them from my windows; I remember when we hated those😭

    28. AC says:

      I still call it The Coliseum!

    29. B.B. says:

      30 West 60th Street and 345 West 58th Street (The Coliseum) had a wonderful sun filled courtyard. It was a pleasure visiting people who lived there and also my doctor (Michael Bartalos) who had offices in building.

      Once Time Warner building went up with those two huge towers much of the sunlight in courtyard vanished as well. The building cast huge shadows that stretch over to 9th avenue.