Video Shows Tuesday’s Shootout Near Broadway

Police sent out surveillance images and video of two men shooting at each other on 103rd Street and Broadway on Tuesday afternoon. The video of the shootout shows the men darting behind cars as they opened fire, with one of the men on a scooter. No one was reported hit in the shooting.

The gunfire occurred around 2:20 on Tuesday in front of 210 West 103rd Street, police said. The men confronted each other and started shooting. Police are unclear about the motive, according to Deputy Inspector Naoki Yaguchi, commanding officer of the 24th precinct. The first man ran south on Broadway, while the other used a scooter to flee west on 103rd.

Individual 1 is described as a dark-skinned-male approximately 18 – 22 years of age, 5’8″ tall, 130 lbs. and was last seen wearing a dark colored sweatshirt, gray sweatpants, and dark colored sneakers.
Individual 2 is described as a dark-skinned-male approximately 18 – 22 years of age, 5’9″ tall, 130 lbs. and was last seen wearing a dark colored sweatshirt, dark colored sweatpants with a vertical yellow stripe on the legs and dark colored sneakers.
Anyone with information in regard to this incident is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or for Spanish, 1-888-57-PISTA (74782). The public can also submit their tips by logging onto the Crime Stoppers website at WWW.NYPDCRIMESTOPPERS.COM, or on Twitter @NYPDTips.
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    1. Alfonse says:

      It is a bad thing when people have to fear the police. It is a worse things when people don’t have to fear the police.

    2. Josh says:

      Amazing no one got hurt. The video shows him shooting blindly just holding the gun over his head and shooting.

      • MQue says:

        @Josh 98% of criminals dont know how to properly shoot. It really is a miracle no one got shot

    3. Zanarkand says:

      The downside of the masks being common is it has emboldened these criminals to do things without fear of getting caught. They can wear a mask and not look suspicious at all.

    4. UWSer says:

      I don’t mean to make light of a horrible situation, but I find it amusing to see a kick scooter as the getaway vehicle.

    5. Nevets K says:

      This is not a result of the cessation of stop and frisk. Nor is it the result of the disbanding of certain undercover police units. Nor is it the result of the police slowdown that began with the BLM protests. Nor is it the result of the end of broken windows policing.
      It just…happened!

      • Joey says:

        Possibly if Stop and Frisk was still being utilized an observant police officer might have observed one or both of those individuals acting in a manner that would raise suspicion that he was packing and a stop would have been made, questions as to that individuals actions would have been put forward, and based on the officers observations and to protect himself and the citizenry a frisk would have been made, the firearm discovered, confiscated and the individual arrested. Alas, the great minds of the electorate have relegated a do nothing approach to policing in NYC. You get what you vote for.

        • Nevets K says:

          I don’t know how I could have made my sarcasm more obvious! Clearly, all the factors that I sarcastically stated are not causes ARE causes!

        • Bill says:

          Stop and frisk was ended by a federal judge, deeming it unconstitutional. The “voters” had nothing to do with it. When you argue for “bringing back” stop and frisk as it was previously practiced, you are arguing for bringing back a practice that was deemed to violate our constitutional rights.

          Increasing crime is indeed a problem, but knee jerk reactions might make us feel good and “smart”, but harrassing innocent people isn’t the way functioning democracies work.

      • Steven says:

        Your living in a fantasy world.
        Policing is down = violent crime is up.

    6. Ben David says:

      Shooting in the middle of the day on Broadway? Welcome to the Upper West Side! And don’t forget to vote for the candidates who want to defund the police and “reallocate” funds.

    7. Anthony says:

      Both of them are to be commended for wearing a mask. Anthony

    8. Joey says:

      Just another day in the Wild West.
      Still want to defund the police?

    9. ben says:

      Where’s the “defund the police” crowd at now?

    10. Sarah says:

      Weren’t there shots near here the day before? I wonder if related.

    11. William Pearlman says:

      When you keep electing progressive Democrats. This is what you get. The people have only themselves to blame

    12. Jacob says:

      Where were the violence interrupters???

    13. Andrew says:

      People who criticize the concept of defunding police when a crime occurs within a community that does not have enough APPROPRIATE funding, could not sound less intelligent or capable of problem analysis if their lives depended on it. The lack of logic expressed is honestly, embarrassing.

      • Frustrated says:

        It is too bad that no matter how much funding is appropriated, the current people who will mismanage it leads to no improvements and more chaos. Look at the Department of Homeless Services and how the Mayor and his “leaders” of those services have performed. First prove people know how to handle money and then give them the funding. For right now, we need funds for the police to help protect us and decrease crime, then build a foundation with proper accredited proven leaders to handle additional funding. Let’s get things under control and build from there.

    14. Bonny says:

      Shooter on a scooter. Life in NYC is getting more bizarre by the day.

    15. ST says:

      Time to bring back stop and frisk.

    16. JustSayin says:

      Probably gang bs. Last summer, the 104th area east of there was hot with this stuff. I can’t find the article, but there was a pattern of a shooting near 104, then one in the low 90s. The same pattern repeated three times in a row.

      Been going on for a few years:

      • davidaron60 says:

        That’s exactly what I was thinking when I saw the video. Looks street gang related. The astroturfing on this site is incredible. Not downplaying this problem at all. Let’s help The 24th Pct.find these guys.

        • Brandon says:

          Astroturfing for what interest group/position?

          • davidaron60 says:

            It’s a societal problem caused mostly by deep inequalities. Our current neoliberal politics, including the astroturfing on both sides do nothing to address this major issue.

    17. People on the upper west side need to understand that the city has changed. This shooting is just one of many around the city. Popular liberal folklore about crime and safety is not different than thoughtless conservative folklore about law and order. The reality is that the street’s are more dangerous and deadly violence could break out at any time. The question is how aware must one be and what can be done…. Balancing police reform with public safety is tricky… and living in real time with the spectre of life or death incidents even more so.

    18. biffmeister says:

      If you want law and order restored to NYC, stop electing Democrats, for Gods sake! How bad do things need to get before people open their eyes and deal with reality? Wokeness is destroying neighborhoods, not bad policing.

      • Jen says:

        Not voting is a problem too. De Blasio got elected because 84% of nyc population didn’t bother to vote.

    19. jimbo says:

      Just to be clear it is STOP,QUESTION,IF NECESSARY FRISK AND IF NECESSSARY SEARCH.As a former NYPD POLICE OFFICER cops could care less that this was taken off the books.
      The average citizen should REALLY be concerned. It was for YOUR SAFETY.

    20. Anita says:

      Gotta get rid of guns. The only solution. Stop the gun manufacturers.

    21. NYCer says:

      So police would have stopped this. Dems or Rep riiiiight. LOL Cmon people you really think that? This has been going on forever just not reported as much. Oh and don’t forget murder by other means which is rarely reported-Shooting is a simpleton method. Communities know who these people are and they need to weed these people out and hand them over over to police to do their job. There is no peace officer savior. We need to work together.

    22. Dani says:

      I’m actually going to be moving to the city soon and I was considering the UWS to live in, but now I’m wondering if I should reconsider. Is this kind of behavior typical for this neighborhood?

      • Boris says:

        You mean the constant whining and jumping to illogical conclusions without having the facts? That will always characterize the UWS.

      • TomF says:

        The reason this incident is newsworthy is that it is atypical of the neighborhood. Escalating gun violence is a nationwide plague that affects all US cities, including New York, though to a lesser degree than Chicago and other urban areas, and affects the UWS to a lesser degree than other NYC neighborhoods. As one who’s lived here for nearly 50 years, I’d suggest you weigh the many benefits against the risks.

    23. Phoebe says:

      Aw jeez. I just commented bc I thought this was video from the Times Square incident. Another one? Oh no…

    24. jimbo says:

      Please come to the UWS. It’s a great area. I’ve lived here my whole life. You will love it.
      Good Luck—JIMBO G

      P.S. There are morons in every nabe.

    25. bystander says:

      So discussing how police funding should be allocated caused this? Because the NYPD has not been defunded in any way shape or form. Looks more like yet another failure of policing.

      And “stop and frisk” was never shown to be a crime deterrent, just license for NYPD to harass law abiding citizens.

    26. NYYGirl says:

      I was sitting by an open window and I heard this. My partner was in the other room and did not hear it. Was close to leaving to pick up the back-in-school kid. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing in broad daylight on a weekday afternoon, and I grew up on this block decades ago. Told myself it was firecrackers but I feared otherwise, borne out by an almost immediate NYPD car screaming east on 104th towards Amsterdam, followed shortly by another. Thankful (and frankly surprised) that nobody got hit. I heard a LOT of shots, in two parts with a short pause in between. Scary.