Openings: Janie’s, Allbirds, Wolfnights

An Allbirds shoe store is getting closer to opening at 201 Columbus Avenue between 69th and 70th Street, the former home of Joie.  Allbirds is known for using natural materials, like eucalyptus and merino wool. Thanks to Ari for the tip.

A new bakery called Janie’s is opening this summer on 80th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue, the former home of Grill 212. Janie’s is a bakery business known for its “pie crust” cookies that promise to have the perfect proportion of pie crust and filling in each bite. Check out the website here. Thanks to Lauren for the tip.

Wolfnights wraps is opening a location at 2675 Broadway near the corner of 102nd Street on June 10. They’ve got a special deal for their first day, where people can get a free wrap if they donate $5 to the West Side Campaign Against Hunger, and the first 20 people in line get $100 gift cards.

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    1. UWSer with a sweet tooth says:

      Support Janie’s! I love her cookies and send them to my nephews at college. I am the most popular aunt. Her story is pretty amazing, which makes the treats extra sweet. And no, I’m not a relative of Janie’s- just a big fan of the treats…

    2. ben says:

      I for one wholeheartedly welcome the new allbirds store. That one is soho is just too damn crowded all the damn time.

    3. Steven says:

      What happened to that chicken place that I read here awhile back was supposed to open on 72nd street? Can’t remember the name but remember they had 1 or 2 other places in NYC & were known for their incredible chicken. Anyone know?

      • CM says:

        They seem to be still under construction. The windows are papered up and construction men going in and out. Maybe they open in the Fall?
        I think they are well known in Harlem as one the best Fried Chicken around. We shall see….it’ll be an interesting change because we seem to have a lot more of noodle places and bakeries recently…..which we welcome also.

      • Deep Thought says:

        Here u go
        Charles’ Country Pan Fried Chicken is planning to open at at 144-146 West 72nd Street between Amsterdam and Columbus

        • lynn says:

          Thanks for the info. It’s a very tiny spot. Is Charles’Chicken primarily a take out place?

          • CM says:

            That space used to be the Taco take out space. Did they also take the old Tasty D Light space next to it? If they took both spaces then it may be enough for dine-in.

            • lynn says:

              Apologies, I was looking at the wrong storefront! It will be great if they combine both spots. 🙂

    4. EBarbara Hariton says:

      About 6 months ago there was a discussion about the drinking water on the UWS tasting muddy. The Rag reported that it was temporary and would be fixed soon. Well, my water still tastes like it has dirt in it. What is going on?

      • It might be better says:

        To send them an email about your question instead of posting in it an article that has nothing to do with it.

    5. Otis says:

      I’ve eaten @ the Wolfnights on the Lower East Side several times. The wraps and bowls are awesome and unique and they have a nice vegetarian selection.

      It will be a welcome addition to the UWS.

    6. Mark says:

      Glad to see that Wolfnights is supporting the West Side Campaign Against Hunger on its opening day. Thanks.

    7. Astrid says:

      Janie’s cookies are UNBELIEVABLE. This is exciting news.