Updated: Mysterious Band-Aid Appears on Local Blue Whale

Blue whale has a boo-boo.

By Carol Tannenhauser

A worker pasted a 6-foot band-aid on the iconic blue whale at the Museum of Natural History, just ahead of the museum’s debut as a vaccination hub. Was the whale vaccinated? Is it feeling sympathy pains?

We reached out to the Museum for answers and will update when the news comes in.

Update: “The implication is clear,” a source at the Museum told us. The blue whale got the shot.

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    1. Skip says:

      Blue Whale got its Fauci Ouchie.

    2. Sarah says:

      I love this.

    3. nemo paradise says:

      Great idea! Now, maybe we could put a mask on the Statue of Liberty, or better yet, two masks!

      • Lisa Alpert says:

        LOVE the idea of a mask on the Statue of Liberty. We need to make that happen!

        Also, the Bandaid on the whale reminds me of the old Robert McCloskey book, “Burt Dow, Deep Water Man.”

    4. Cato says:

      Was it a Johnson & Johnson brand band-aid?

    5. Phyllis Schaer says:

      I love the shared compassion. It should also go both ways in how we treat Marine life.

    6. Barbaraj Jimmy hnson says:

      Thank you blue whale for getting vaccinated.
      Might help some of your human friends to follow in your wake

    7. Octopus says:

      I wonder how this gigantic whale got through the museum’s tiny entrance. Impressive view with human together.

    8. Happy Earth Day‼️
      Earth Day is the day designated for fostering appreciation of the earth’s environment and awareness of the issues that threaten it.

    9. Susan F. says:

      “Harpooning them em’
      There once was a whale in a museum
      whose city had decided to host a series of vacinnes underneath him
      A 6ft Band-aid was hoisted atop this Blue Mammal a quirky Symbol of Immunity and Free Krispy Donuts go there, you’ll see.
      The people were beckoned upstream to come get there shot an added Bonus they also can look at some Art!

    10. M Carr says:

      Good for you but how big was the needle?