Look Who’s Baaaaa-ck

The Riverside Park Conservancy says it will be making an announcement on Thursday, and the announcement of the announcement makes it pretty clear what it will be.

The goats are back. Two years ago, Riverside Park imported goats from upstate to chomp the weeds in a section of the park, and it looks like they’ll be back this year. The goats were a big hit, drawing crowds and getting the job done in record time — plus they don’t ask for much in the way of compensation.

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    1. Sarah says:

      The goats!!!

    2. Truth and Reason says:

      Stupid goats, taking good jobs away from people. 😉

    3. T Sato says:

      After all we’ve been through in 2020, somehow this means SO much this year. SO looking forward to seeing these creatures again in Riverside Park.

    4. WeSpeakGoat says:


    5. UWS_lifer says:

      This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time!!

      Can’t wait to see the little guys again.

      I hope they bring back Cheech. He was my favorite….and of course Chong too.:)

    6. Chalupa 4ever says:

      There once was a lassey
      Her name was sweet Massey
      She was a ranger in Riverside Park

      Her friends Bella and Buckle
      Replied with a chuckle
      When she had an idea on a lark

      Chalupa and Skittles
      Both named after victuals
      Inspired her to call out, “hark!”

      “Let’s feast on these weeds,
      Fill our tummies’ needs
      Chow down from dawn to dark

      “We’ll call it ‘vegetation management’
      Or ‘poison ivy banishment’
      We’ll really have made our mark

      “But really we’ll just be eating,
      Napping, neighbor-meeting,
      Listening to birds sing and dogs bark

      “They’ll think we’re so clever
      We’ll make the land better
      The best eaters of Riverside Park”

    7. Cato says:

      This is becoming the Conservancy’s goat-to solution, it seems.

    8. Tara says:

      Welcome back goats! Goat get those weeds!

    9. Susan F says:

      “Topic of the week” (haiku)

      great white owl sightings
      rescuing a parrots travail
      next foraging goats

    10. Cathrine Steck says:

      I’m so delighted!!

      • Nancy Wight says:

        I could not find a single goat last time around and searched all over the park. I shall try again. Nancy Goat

    11. Kathy says:

      Wonderful for the neighborhood

    12. Jo Baldwin says:

      The much awaited return of Billy Goat Gruff. Knew him well. I may have dated his brother. There was a resemblance.

    13. Dan says:

      Those goats are the GOAT!