Get Your Vax Under the Museum of Natural History’s Famous Whale

The city’s newest mass vaccination site will be the Museum of Natural History, where people will soon be able to get the shot under the iconic blue whale.

Vaccinations will start on April 23, and people can sign up starting on Tuesday. Slots will be prioritized for NYCHA residents, members of the city’s municipal union, and workers at cultural institutions.

To learn more, go here. Appointments will be available Fridays–Tuesdays, 8 am–6 pm.

Those who get vaccinated at the museum’s site will get a voucher for complimentary general admission to the Museum for up to a group of four.

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    1. Paul on W 67 says:

      Forgive my snobbery, but don’t you just love living in New York? We get to be vaccinated under a gigantic blue whale inside a world-class museum and people in places like Mississippi and Alabama have to line up in Wal-Mart parking lots. No wonder their rates are so low!

      (Yeah, it’s cocktail hour on the UWS)

      • John Enochty says:

        @ Paul on W. 67 Funny you should mention AL and MS. According to the CDC, MS ranks 47th in vaccination rates at 21.28% and AL dead last at 19.3%. NY is 12th at 29.02%.

        Yeah, I love living in New York!.

    2. claire says:

      What a fabulous opportunity!!

    3. Susan F says:

      “Whatever it takes”
      There once was a whale in a Museum,
      whose city had decided to house a series of multiple vaccines
      a 6ft Band-aid was hoisted atop the Blue Mammal, this quirky gesture reminiscent of Banksy, though not, symbolic of Immunity plus Free Krispy creme Donuts!
      The people were beckoned upstream to get their shot, and bonus can also look at some Art!

      • Fund local business than sugar says:

        Krispy creme Donuts for free?!
        Is that where NYC tax payer’s money goes?
        Shake Shack Burger for free would be even more patriotic to NYC.
        And protein is better than sugar to our diet.