Vaccine-Helper Website Sees Huge Demand as New Helper Sites Pop Up

Some New Yorkers have been working on ways to fix the city and state’s confusing vaccine rollout, and new sites are popping up to make it easier to secure an appointment.

The site we highlighted a couple of weeks ago, the Vaccine Appointment Assistance Team (VAAT), is apparently not taking new patients at the moment because so many people came to them for help. “Because of high demand, the service — which now has 20 volunteer caseworkers — has stopped taking new cases for now, and the founders are thinking about partnering with a nonprofit to increase capacity,” the Times reported.

But there are at least two other sites that can help.

NYC Vaccine List compiles appointments from more than 50 vaccination sites, including private and public sites. Appointments go fast, so you have to refresh frequently.

TurboVax gets info from the main city and state sites and then sends updates to Twitter.

New groups have now gotten access to the vaccine, including restaurant workers. People with certain underlying conditions will soon get access too.

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    1. Mary Jones says:

      Yesterday I booked my 2 appointments for Friday at Duane Reade (Walgreen)… there were many appointments available at 3 of their stores on Broadway close to me, I put in zip code 10024. You need to have an online account for Walgreens. They own Duane Reade now. Whole process very easy. GO FOR IT!!

      • Mary Jones says:

        My first appointment is Friday, second 28 days later

      • MaggieMay91 says:

        Thank you so much! I’ve already taken my mother to get both vaccinations but my dad and step mom couldn’t get appointments until April. I just got them their first vaccinations this Saturday at Walgreens! Thanks for posting this info!

    2. Faina Burko says:

      I am a retired teacher, live in Manhattan.Need help get the vaccine. My anxiety level went up with my inability to get an appointment for vaccine. Need help.

    3. Amelia says:

      Hi. I’m trying to help an older woman get a shot. And it’s been impossible. All help welcome. Right now the state is concentrating on communities of color. Sadly, though she’s poor, she’s also white. It’s really hard for everyone. Thank you for taking time to help.

    4. Linda Goodman says:

      Please correct typo in “NYC VACCINE LIST”. I’m quite sure there are no pubic sites on the list.

    5. Gayle KH says:

      Thanks Mary Jones! Just went to Walgreens/Duane Reade site directly, logged into account and found appointments for dose 1 and 2. You need to punch in zip codes for best results of stores with appointments. Keep entering as the information changes each time. Even if it says nothing is available, keep trying. I found a Saturday appointment for my mom.

    6. Jean K Darcy says:

      anything in Manhattan. Hard to travel at my age