Pupper West Side: Sadie Is An Early Riser with a Penchant for Tennis

By: Audrey Campbell

Name: Sadie

Age: One-and-a-half years old

Breed: Golden Retriever

Profile/history: My Dad always wanted a Golden Retriever and he says when he got me, his whole life changed for the better. He grew up with dogs, so he was prepared for the work and responsibility involved in being a good parent. I was born upstate on a farm in the country, but I absolutely love being a city pup.

Daily routine: Dad and I are early risers. And I mean earlyyyy. Each morning, I give him a nudge at 4 a.m. and we kick off our day with a pre-sunrise walk in Central Park. The park is so quiet at that time of day that we’ll often spot some of the local wildlife, like a family of coyotes who sometimes appear around Belvedere Castle. They seem to be quite well fed, so they’re not aggressive toward us, but we keep our distance just to be safe. I fall into a depressive slump when Dad jumps in the shower, since I know it means he’s preparing to leave for work. He keeps an eye on me throughout the day with the help of a pet camera. He’ll watch me spend the afternoon playing with toys, lying around, and learning how to rig my treat box by sticking my tongue inside it and triggering it to dispense more treats. When Dad gets home, it’s right back out to the park we go! I have a few friends that I like to hang out with – Chewy, Coco, and Bailey. One time, when I was a puppy, I was getting bullied in the dog park and Bailey rushed up and hip-checked the other dog. We’ve been best friends ever since.

Loves: I probably own 50 or 60 stuffed animals and I love them all. Dad’s so embarrassed to admit it, but he spoils me with toys. Sitting and watching the tennis balls fly back and forth, back and forth, at the Central Park tennis courts is also one of my favorite pastimes. It’s mesmerizing.

Does not love: Fireworks – yikes!! Who could possibly enjoy sporadic, ear-splitting explosions echoing off New York City buildings?

Favorite store or business on the UWS: In pre-Covid times, Dad and I enjoyed sitting outside at the Gin Mill. The lovely waitresses there gave me lots of attention and told me I was pretty.

Favorite treat: When I’m receiving high praise for practicing my recall skills and learning new tricks, I’ll get a mouthwatering piece of duck jerky. Yum!! Some of my other favorites are organic peanut butter, frozen baby carrots, and any sort of smoked, savory meats.

Favorite park spot: I love walking the Central Park loop each morning. Dad and I are regulars and we’ve become friendly with other early morning regulars. It’s nice to build community and have a place where everyone knows your name!

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    1. Jsc says:

      You’re such a pretty puppy!

    2. LL says:

      She is HIGHLY photogenic

    3. Lacey Sheridan says:


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    5. Linda says:

      What a precious pup you are❣️

    6. Leslie Rupert says:

      Sadie is gorgeous. Golden’s are the very best!!’

    7. sg says:

      What a cutie!

    8. Karen says:

      Too gorgeous

    9. Lorene says:

      So beautiful and sweet 🙂

    10. Andy says:

      My grandmother’s name was Sadie, too ! So, I can’t help feeling an affinity for this lovely, charming puppy.

      Both share a like for the same kind of treats, too.

    11. Nancy Wight says:

      I know Bailey! My dog died 22 years ago and I still miss him. He was not the sharpest tack in the box, but he loved his mama.