Police Rescue Hawk from West Side Highway, Name it ‘Lucky’

Hawks are known for their majesty and grace, but one injured hawk was in a place without either of those things on Tuesday morning — on the ground at the 95th Street entrance to the West Side Highway.

Drivers called the police about it, and officers from the 24th precinct came out to rescue it and take it to an animal hospital. They named it ‘Lucky’, according to the Post.

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    1. Nelson says:

      I saw Lucky (or his twin) yesterday morning on Cherry Walk around 120th, while out on my morning run. He was on a low branch so I could look him right on the eye! (A little unsettling for me, only about 15 feet away. He was nonplussed…). Glad to know this magnificent fellow is doing well. (Or if that wasn’t Lucky I saw, that he gets back to his friend soon)

      Incidentally, the recent work and clean up done on Cherry Walk turned our surprisingly well & is much appreciated. Theyve also done a great job clearing off the snow lately.

    2. Robert Urban says:

      For several years I’ve sometimes seen a hawk just like this one in the corridor back yards between 94th & 95th streets & Columbus & Amsterdam Aves. Sometimes there were a pair of them. They hunt there, catching mostly mourning dove pigeons. I hope it’s ok and can be returned to the wild. Beautiful birds

    3. Hill says:

      Ahh that was me!! I called it in! Thank you so much for posting this, we hoped it would be ok/reached in time and so glad we got this wonderful update about Lucky

    4. Vincent Mcgowan says:

      All in a days work for our Great NYPD

    5. Rochelle says:

      Love this….and who says our police “aren’t the finest!!!”

    6. Joey says:

      And some want to defund the police.

    7. David Kernahan says:

      The week before Christmas a hawk made a noisy landing on my fire escape. I thought it unusual but it looked exactly like the one pictured here and probably had been surviving, injured for some time. I’m glad that it is being cared for now. Such beautiful, magnificent creatures!!

    8. Elisabeth Jakab says:

      Good work officers! Lucky was certainly lucky that you helped him/her.

    9. Janice Dunham says:

      This is such a wonderful story of kindness and help! Thanks again NYPD, 24 Pct. and the person who called them.
      I wonder if this is the redtail hawk I’ve been seeing sometimes further south around 80th in Riverside Park. People feel so happy to see her going about her hunting and sitting-in-trees business, We saw her on Christmas day and it was our present.

      • Ken says:

        Nope, the hawk you see around 80th St. is the so-called 84th St. hawk; he roams around the Promenade, but not down to 72nd St, where there is a “resident” hawk, nor up to 95th St., where the rescued hawk lives. And the hawk at 120th is almost certainly not the 95th St. guy. These hawks are very territorial & tend to stay out of others’ territories.

    10. Park walker says:

      Wonderful story! There are resident red tail hawks in Riverside Park. When they hunt in pairs it is glorious to see. Glad somebody noticed that one needed help and glad help arrived.

    11. Lorene says:

      So cool!

    12. Alan says:

      I see Red Tail Hawks most every day from my window on Riverside Drive and 98th Street. They are at home Riverside Park. One landed on my window sill one day and relaxed for a good 5 minutes while we observed each other. Very noble birds.

    13. Amy R says:

      Three-plus cheers for the great NYPD officers who came to the hawk’s rescue! and also for the wonderful staff at the Wild Bird Fund (headquartered at Columbus and 87th/88th), where the hawk was taken for treatment: https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/ny-hawk-rescued-henry-hudson-parkway-20210209-sdzrk3hiobcxff3ud2ncsvhq7q-story.html