Michaels Store Closing By the End of the Month; Everything 70% Off

Michaels, the craft chain store at 808 Columbus Avenue near 99th Street is closing by January 30 if not earlier, according to an employee. It’s currently having a going out of business sale, with everything 70% off. And we hear the store is filled with bargain-hunters.

“If you want to buy anything come on, cause its first come first served,” the employee said.

If they run out of merchandise the store could close before January 30.

Compared to other chain stores, Michaels has actually done relatively well financially during the pandemic — even buying stores from competitor AC Moore — but has closed some locations.

See other recent openings and closings here.

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    1. RL says:

      I wondered when I went in just before Christmas and noted the lack of inventory at the back of the store – especially christmas decorations. This is a shame. Seems popular to me so not getting why. UWS becoming a wasteland

    2. Rwc says:

      Terrible news .
      Landlords really need to get a grip and stop charging so much rent too many stores including chain stores can’t stay open in the neighborhood anymore .

      The one useful good chain store for reasonably priced art and craft supplies .

      • Hello 1970s says:

        Landlords? This is not a one-step situation. Every action creates a consequence, which in turn creates ramifications, which in turn cause reverberations.

        Citizens need to lower expectations of what services, assistance, and entitlements city government can provide (Lucerne, anyone?); so that elected officials can relieve the tax burden on landlords; so that landlords can afford to maintain and pay for their property.

        Policiticans (and some of their irrationally demanding, self-entitled constiuents) are about to kill Manhattan’s Golden Real Estate Goose by bleeding property owners dry. And then what? Hello 1970s.

        • Truth Bearer says:

          @Hello 1970’s – you are absolutely right. When a neighborhood starts becoming less desirable, it becomes a place businesses want to leave. If businesses were having issues even before COVID, why would they stay when nothing is being done to help them? We businesses are providing sales taxes to the city & state and not getting anything back but the problems on the streets & lack of support. It’s just common sense & I try to warn everyone wthe UWS will continue to lose stores, even the big ones, nevermind the Mom and Pops. Agree 100% with @Hello1970’s.

    3. Suzie E says:


      It’s not like I don’t have enough fabric and dozens of colors of thread and craft books and ornament-making doo-dads and crayons and colored pencils and at least 7 or 8 different kinds of glue…but DANG! Just walking around in there cheered me up.

      And it’s just too danged cold to walk up there now, and by tomorrow who knows what will be left?

      R.I.P., Michael’s. You made so many people happy.

    4. Mark Moore says:

      The spaces in that strip are just too big for most retailers. The Duane Reade there was the size of three Duane Reades and then closed. PETCO’s basement was like a football field. Who can cover those rents?

    5. Chocolate tea cup says:

      Actually these huge spaces need the basements converted into PARKING!!!! Now that we have restaurants and bike lanes and bike docks, double parking trucks for deliveries…where do people go to park their cars? Drop the price and let people get their cars off the streets! Win win since those huge basement retail spaces are gonna be empty a long long time!!

    6. Judy says:

      Will miss this amazing store. Like many, I would always find many things to buy even if I didn’t need them. But, would always find use for them. I don’t think I would travel downtown because it’s just too far to go.

    7. JR says:

      I went at 5pm Sunday. Line wrapped just around corner (opposite Stbx) and we got in about 10 mins later. Very civilized. Every single thing but sewing machines 70% off. Still decent selection of crayola, baking supplies, ribbons, fake flowers. Some yarn (but heavily picked over). The Bronx location also doing same sell-off. Chelsea staying open

    8. UWSmom says:

      Michael’s closing is such a shame. It’s our go-to supplier for many school and art projects. We have many happy memories and discoveries there. If it wasn’t for Michael’s inspiration, we never would have crafted duck tape accessories or gorgeous bracelets. I hope they reopen somewhere nearby. People need inspiration and creativity, especially these days!

    9. Nana says:

      Just breaks my heart when I see or hear any business big or small closes very sad 😞

    10. Etienne Culler says:

      Oh, no, you poor people. You might now have to go all the way to Chelsea or, god forbid, Queens or Brooklyn now to shop at Michaels.

      • Susan says:

        How rude you are. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all! Have a nice day

    11. Sharon Katz says:

      This is literally my favorite store. I am heart broken, although they do sell online.

    12. good humor says:

      The line this morning wrapped around to the library on 100th.

    13. Crystal says:

      I love Michael’s I hope they’re not closing all of them I know of 1 here in Syracuse NY that’s closing which is merely new in Destiny Mall I hope we can still order online.

    14. Linda says:

      Why are they leaving. They have been my go to store for framing prints, photos and especially my needlepoint canvases. Is the landlord raising the rent. Why? Who is going to fill that space. Is there a benefit to these landlords when they have so much empty store space. I wonder. This is a great loss to our neighborhood. Who will be next — Home Goods, TJ MAX. It has been so convenient having these stores in our community.