Columbus Circle Closed to Traffic as Rumored MAGA Gathering Brings Out Counter-Protesters

Columbus Circle has been closed to traffic as protesters have gathered in the area to stand against a rumored march by Proud Boys and other far-right Trump supporters.

A reader had sent us the screenshot below from social media site Parler.

One protester said that the counter-protest by United Against Racism and Fascism NYC and others had “demobilized” the planned rally.

This is a developing story, we’ll update if we hear more.

Homepage file photo by Maria Elkind.

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    1. brandonsos says:

      Even though Trump may be gone after 1/20, there will still be a need to address inequality & police abuse. My big concern is why are most of Gale Brewer’s opponents not holding her accountable for wanting Oddo to be NYC Deputy Mayor when he’s gone on record supporting NYPD profiling of Muslims & hostile to mosques being opened? Only ONE CD6 stated they’re willing to discuss my concerns over the phone and it wasn’t Brewer herself or Sara Lind either…

    2. Jay Leonhart says:

      That’s my cit!! Good work!

    3. Sharon Katz says:

      Man oh man, did those “proud men who call themselves boys” pick the wrong neighborhood! What extreme far right winger would pick the upper west side — the most left wing voting block in America — to gather? Just one example of the outrageous stupidity of Trump’s MAGGOTS.

      • JL says:

        If the Poor Boys pull this off, the left leanings of the UWS is precisely the point to bring fear and lawlessness.

        Stupidity doesn’t mean not dangerous.

        It’s also a good place to test the conservative leanings of law enforcement in general.

    4. Art says:

      Interesting how the twitter poster in the article equates supporting the police with fascism. Does all the UWS feel this way?