Silver Stars Fitness: The Truth About How To Stay Fit After 50!


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By Jason Greenspan

Unfortunately in the world of health and fitness there is a lot of false information being conveyed to the masses. Gimmicks, quick fixes and sometimes just plain old bad or misinformation is being advertised.

Typically this is done to sell a product or program that promises an unrealistic result.  Usually it’s something like “get fit in five minutes” or “lose fat by using a particular machine or performing a certain exercise.”

Most of the time it’s not a quick fix or a gimmick, but just inaccurate information that can set you up for burnout or injury.

When you get in to the fifth decade and beyond in life, knowing what to do in the gym can be even more confusing. You certainly don’t want to exercise like you did when you were in your twenties or thirties.  Your fitness program should reflect your current goals, fitness level and health history.

Below are some tips based upon my 25 years of experience designing fitness programs for men and women over the age of 50.

Silver Stars is a private fitness studio and now franchise that caters to men and women over the age of 50.

Our Fit For Life program can help YOU lose weight, improve your posture, balance, mobility, strength, endurance and of course- Look better too!

Silver Stars Benefits:

We NOW offer three different options to train with us.  LIVE on Zoom, We can send a coach to you or you can come to our studio

The best part  is how affordable it is for you to try our program, and for us to show that we’re the right place to help you accomplish your goals!

New Client Promotion- Experience our small group classes for two weeks for $47!.  Small group classes include Fit For Life Baby Boomer Boot Camp & Personal Training Program. 

Offer is valid for LIVE virtual training, in your home or at our studio. Ask about our New Fit For Life Nutrition program.

If you’re serious about accomplishing a specific goal, want results and the personalized attention and accountability you need and deserve, then call  or email us now to schedule your free consultation.

Silver Stars Fitness
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