Local Group Attempts to Gather the History of This Tumultuous Year; How You Can Help

In April, Upper West Siders sat on window ledges to cheer for EMS workers.

The history books may one day have a whole chapter devoted to 2020, and not because it was awesome. One local history group is making an effort to collect people’s memories while they’re still fresh. See the notice about this project from The Bloomingdale Neighborhood History Group below.

For decades, the Bloomingdale Neighborhood History Group (BNHG) has been researching, collecting and archiving information about this upper west side neighborhood and has been energetic about sharing that information with others. These are extraordinary times when significant history is being made every day by everyone living through them. That is why the BNHG has initiated a special 2020 project and is asking all residents of the neighborhood to contribute to it. By collecting impressions from people who live here now,  the group will be able to create a first-person narrative that will serve as a genuine record for the future.

These impressions, as long or as short as you like, can be attributed or be anonymous. They can be in the form of poetry, prose or photographs, focusing on the pandemic and/or the protests that have taken place this year in the neighborhood. We welcome memories of neighbors who passed away this year, as well as observations of going back to school, the election process, and beyond, this fall. Whether you have stayed in the city or have chosen to spend this time away from it, the group would like to hear from you.

Here is what we’ve posted so far: https://www.upperwestsidehistory.org/2020-project.html. Note that many of the photographs on the project page have been contributed by members of the photography club of Bloomingdale Aging in Place, a group dedicated to helping older adults stay active and safe. https://www.bloominplace.org/

For details on exactly how to add your voice to the project (it’s an uncomplicated process, promise), click on https://www.upperwestsidehistory.org/2020-project.html. Enjoy what’s there so far and then add your voice and point of view.

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    1. Eff Shtopp says:

      WOW!! Many of the photos on that site are exceptional. Anyone interested in improving her/his photographic skills should definitely check them out to reinforce her/his understanding of composition (framing the subject), story-telling, etc. to turn a snapshot into “Fine-Art Photography”.

    2. Truth and Reason says:

      Why do they want contributions from people who left? Shouldn’t those of us who actually lived through it be the ones to tell our own stories?!?

    3. Historian says:

      It may or not be…. like in 1918/19 it was a few years that I wanted to be forgotten about… Never to come back again in history. In this case 2016 through 2020 may vanish from the history books forever, if I had it my way.
      And God for bid we go another four years……..