Hospital Staff Hold 9 Minutes of Silence for George Floyd, and Police Escort Peaceful Protest On West End Avenue

Photos by @davetrek.

The staff of Mt. Sinai West held a vigil in front of the hospital at 59th Street and 11th Avenue on Tuesday afternoon in honor of George Floyd, the Minneapolis man whose death at the hands of a police officer has sparked protests around the country.

The silent vigil lasted nine minutes and was organized by the staff, according to David Brotsky, who took these photos.

A protest march also took place in West End Avenue, with people chanting “Black Lives Matter” and taking a knee at an intersection on Tuesday. Police were escorting the protesters.

Most protests in the neighborhood and city have been peaceful like these ones. If you’re an Upper West Sider who has been protesting, a reporter is covering the protests and would like to speak with you. You can email westsiderag at gmail.

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    1. Jane Eddy says:

      Where/when is your he next UWS march? Anyone know?

    2. Bill says:

      Proud of. My fellow UWS neighbors. Thank you.

    3. Susan S. says:

      How can I find out about when these peaceful UWS protests are being/will be held? Many people would like to know! Who organized the one on Tuesday, for example?
      Thank you.

    4. Susan S. says:

      Hi, I’d really like to join future UWS protests around this issue. How do I find out when and where they will be held?

    5. TravelgalNYC says:

      Thank you to all the UWS peaceful protesters. We’re with you 100%!!

    6. ArEn says:

      That’s my tweet! The march went down broadway, not WEA. I believe it started at 106 or 110. A neighbor reported that the protest made it down to 75th & Broadway.

    7. JerryV says:

      I support peaceful protests, although the main issue will be getting out the vote in November. I ask the peaceful protestors just two things:
      1. Please wear masks. Otherwise new virus transmissions may occur and we will soon be back again at the beginning.
      2. Please do not hold peaceful protests during curfew hours. The police must monitor these protests and it takes police away from the people who are rioting and doing willful damage.

    8. Sabine says:

      Hi Everyone,

      You can also consider making donations to the following organizations:


      Black Lives Matter –
      National Police Accountability Project –
      Campaign Zero –
      Homeless Black Trans Women Fund –
      Black Visions Collective –
      Reclaim the Block –
      Unicorn Riot –
      Brooklyn Community Bail Fund –
      The Liberty Fund –
      National Bailout Fund –
      Nourish NYC – Help get supplies to protestors in NYC (PPE, first aid supplies, water, etc.). Venmo – @nourishnyc Cashapp: $nourishnyc

      • UWSHebrew says:

        Hi Sabine! How about asking for donations for the businesses owned by black and brown people that have been destroyed by “protestors”? I don’t see such a fund! Did you see all the bodegas that were destroyed in the Bronx? Oh, I see what you have a fund for, “Brooklyn Community Bail Fund”, that’s to BAIL OUT THOSE ARRESTED DURING PROTESTS, which includes those who looted! Sabine, that is VERY DISTURBING.

        • EricaC says:

          UWSHebrew, do you have some resources for that? It would be great to see your concern borne out.

          In terms of bail, i understand your concern about supporting looters’ bail and not the business. I share that. But many of the folks who need bail were arrested for actions that were not violent or destructive.