City Imposes 8 p.m. Curfew; Adds Ban on Outside Cars Below 96th Street

The city imposed its first curfew in decades on Monday. Starting Tuesday and through at least next Monday, the curfew will start at 8 p.m. The mayor and governor want to keep people inside to stop incidents of looting that have occurred in some parts of the city in the last few days (though little if any on the Upper West Side.)

In addition, police are limiting vehicles on the streets after 8.

“At 8pm tonight when the curfew begins in NYC, there will be NO vehicular traffic allowed south of 96th Street in Manhattan — with the exception of residents, essential workers, busses, and truck deliveries,” wrote NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan on Twitter.

The curfew has various exceptions, including for essential workers and for food deliveries. The Manhattan Borough President’s office released some answers to frequently asked questions that you can access here, and we’ve pasted images of it below.

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    1. robert says:

      Pls note this effects Citibike as well until the curfew ends which will not be before this weekend at the earliest Here is their statement on it directly from Citibikes, twitter, which is the way they put it out

      Citi Bike
      We have been working with

      all day, hoping that we could avoid another shutdown. Unfortunately, we were just informed that we are required to shut down tonight, starting at 8pm for curfew.
      4:41 PM · Jun 2, 2020·Twitter Web App
      Citi Bike
      Replying to
      We disagree with this decision and believe it is important for the system to remain open and provide a reliable transportation option. We know how disruptive this is to everyone who relies on Citi Bike to get home — especially essential workers.
      Citi Bike
      When the system is shut down to new trips, anyone who has a bike out can still return it to a station. We’ll share another update about service as soon as we can. We encourage you to check local transit schedules. We’ll resume service at 5am tomorrow.
      Citi Bike
      Citi Bike service in Jersey City will continue uninterrupted.

    2. UWS Craig says:

      These curfews are a blessing. Non-essential people should be staying at home and non-essential businesses should be shuttered. I am thankful that at least the schools are closed indefinitely so that our children can be safe. I will be supporting the movement with empathy and compassion in my apartment and posting healing messages on social media.

    3. EE says:

      Large group peacefully going down West End Ave

    4. Vincent says:

      The mayor needs to resign.

    5. Veronica says:

      Do NOT vote for this mayor again, or his wife when she decides to run for mayor or Brooklyn Borough President.

    6. Sam Stern says:

      I just signed the petition “Andrew M. Cuomo: Impeach Mayor Bill de Blasio” and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

      Our goal is to reach 150,000 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:


    7. nycityny says:

      Irony. 24 hour grocery store employees are allowed to go to work and the stores may remain open. But customers are not allowed to leave their homes to go there. Makes no sense.

    8. David Wolberg says:

      The curfew is useless unless Mayor De Blasio will allow the police to arrest the low-life looters who are wreaking havoc.
      He should have allowed the National Guard to restore law and order. Thanks to the spineless Mayor, my Blink Gym near Fordham
      Road was vandalized.

    9. Elaine H Toth Rozof says:

      There has been looting on the UWS. Author of this article
      What are you blind ?
      Or are you just as twisted as the left wing media , Deblasio ?