Trader Joe’s Extends Shopping Hours

Trader Joe’s reduced its shopping hours in March as it dealt with high demand and new procedures to get the store ready for shoppers amid the coronavirus.

It’s now expanding them again, pushing closing hours back to 9 p.m. So both Upper West Side stores are open from 8 a.m. until 9 p.m. — with the first hour at each store reserved “to serve our senior customers over the age of 60 and customers with disabilities who may need additional assistance while shopping,” the company said.


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    1. Gale says:

      That’s good news. But don’t get complacent. Stay 6 feet away on the line.Wash hands. Wear masks. Disinfect. Abd thank those essential personnel every day.

    2. ben says:

      When you have too many people waiting in line around the block at all hours of the day…

    3. carol says:


    4. Robert says:

      The 72nd St. cashier line wraps around whole 1st floor. Some inconsiderate people decide theyre getting in line and continue shopping. They leave their cart/basket, cause big spaces/holdups & expect the person behind them to either save their place or push it for them. I won’t do either. I hate inconsiderte people. Finish shopping then get in line.

      • ben says:

        That’s exactly how it’s ALWAYS been during rush hour pre-covid19. Not saying it’s right and I despise it too. It’s ok if you want to shop while in line, just keep moving along and don’t hold up others.

        • Robert says:

          YES BEN EXACTLY! (problem existed b4 disaster). But 75% of time, most of them continuing shopping in line, ARE NOT ABLE to NOT HOLD UP others. Some, in front of me, have nerve to ask me to “watch their cart” (& run 2 shop b4 I answer). I go in space in front of them, & when they come back, they’ll try to get in front of me, so don’t lose their place & get VERY NASTY & verbal fight ensues. Nx. time it happens I’m getting manager. ANY other store I’ve EVER been in this never happens.

          • billC says:

            How is this an issue..? I get that being in line can be frustrating, but you still get to the cashier at the same time, so what difference does it make if you can’t move forward two feet for a minute.

          • Jay says:

            Wow, you sound like a real neighborly fellow. I don’t mind it at all when people forget to grab something and need me to hold their spot. It doesn’t do anything to your spot in line. What happened to kindness of strangers?
            People, if you’re in line in front of me, especially if you have a young child and are struggling to get shopping done because you have no help and no family here, most people are not like these two. Most people will help to make life a little less crappy.

      • Nancy L says:

        There’s always Whole Foods and you can pay to have your groceries delivered.

      • Gibbs says:

        Nothing new!! I do it all the time What I don’t do is get lost in the store expecting someone to push my cart. I keep it moving.

      • Carol says:

        When the line wraps around the whole first floor, it is also difficult to get to all the produce and refrigerated items that are against the wall and behind all those people. Is it more considerate to walk in between the lines as you pick out tomatoes, cheese, etc? Give people a break.

    5. Ellie chamie says:

      We look forward to all trade Joe’s to back normal working hours as this family stores with all employees work with confidence and happiness and best and beyond expectations in their customer connect keep customers have no choice feel something missing if i didn’t stop shop daily bases at trader Joe’s
      Thank you to all locations from trader Joe’s at Dana point OC trader Joe’s
      Henderson, las Vegas

    6. nycityny says:

      What’s interesting is that TJs extended their national hours to 8pm but in New York it is 9pm. Rare that we get an extra hour with a national chain.

    7. Mr. UWS says:

      Just make sure you shut up while waiting in the long line, or you’ll end up on this IG page –

    8. Alice says:

      Trader Joe’s is a Heaven on Earth here in downtown San Francisco. Thank you!

    9. Anne diamond says:

      U need to have signs in rows …start row …walk up only …row 2 walk down…etc
      It is more effective….stores are too small and need row rearranging to make space more efficient

      Happy day. Mb

    10. I love Trader Joe’s. Opening@8am for seniors has been extremely helpful to me (77yrs old). It lessens contact and eases my fear. Thank you to TJ’s I need to shop there because they have more products that suit my allergies and dietary restrictions. This makes me doubly thankful.

    11. lyriclark says:

      We really dislike what they’ve done to our neighborhood. Crowds, dirt, more chaos, lines around the block. Why? I dont get it. I only wish they would abandon the 72nd st. location. Give us a real supermarket. Morton Williams, Westside Mkt. etc. Never found anything to buy there that tasted good and wasnt frozen.

      • Julie says:

        Trader Joe’s is 50% cheaper than the ones mentioned above and is partially the reason I moved here.

    12. L. Braverman says:

      A hopeful sign, like the sight of the first red-breasted robin of spring after a particularly brutal winter…

    13. Susan Green says:

      from what I’ve been told there are so many seniors lining up at 8 that it is better to go later… and be one or two a a few on the senior line …